11 Kitchen Hacks You Never Knew About

Easier and faster way to clean the blender?

Add in some warm water and dish soap. Close the lid and start blending for at least 25 seconds. Pour out the water and most of the mess should be cleaned.

Have a clogged showerhead?

Fill a plastic bag with vinegar then wrap the bag around the showerhead and secure with a rubber band. Let soak for about 30 minutes. The showerhead should be unclogged.

Have a clogged toilet?

Cover the toilet bowl with plastic film wrap, enough to where air can’t escape. More than one layer of wrap might be needed. Flush the toilet and you will see the wrap being pushed up by air. Push down on the center slowly without breaking the wrap. No more clog!

Scuff on the wall?

Get a tennis ball and rub firmly where the scuff is. Keep rubbing until it disappears.

Limescale on the bottom of your electric water boiler?

Mix 1 part water and 1 part vinegar, enough for the max level of water your boiler can boil. Heat up and pour out. Problem fixed.

Hard water stains on glasses/wine glasses?

After washing dip the glass in a tray or bowl of water and vinegar. Then leave to dry.

Is the bottom of a metal pot all burned up and too hard to chip?

Pour in a generous amount of dish soap over the burned area. Add a cup of water. Then add a dryer sheet on top. Let sit for one hour and remove the dryer sheet. Wash again and it should look like new!

Simple way to clean a cutting board

Scrub the cutting board with half a lemon. Sprinkle salt all over the cutting board. Leave for 15 minutes then wash off.

Gum stuck on the carpet?

Get a can of WD-40 and spray over it. Rub with a towel until gum is gone. Continue spraying WD-40 and rubbing until all residue is gone.

Zipper stuck on purse, bag, or jacket?

Apply a small amount of WD-40 in the zipper and along the teeth. Should zip flawlessly after that.

Does your bathroom smell a lot?

Get a bottle of vodka with ¾ of vodka left for room to add. Add some drops of essential oil of your choice. Add a few mint leaves. Then add about ¾ cup of water (adjust to amount of vodka). Put a spray bottle nozzle on, or put everything in a spray bottle from the get-go. Your bathroom should be smelling great now.

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