34 Ideas You Can Add To Your Bucket List

34 Bucket List Ideas You Could Add This Year

 Here’s some bucket list ideas that you might or might not have already done. I hope you are inspired by some of these to add to your own bucket list. 

1.       Go to Disney Land

2.       Live alone for at least a year.

3.       Go on an adventurous trip.

4.       Find a passion and make a living from it.

5.       Experience nature.

6.       Spend all night star gazing.

7.       Go up on stage for an event.

8.       Learn to play an instrument or new instrument.

9.       Spend time with your grandparents

10.   Travel by yourself

11.   Spend all your money on something that’s worth it.

12.   Be broke

13.   Try a drug without getting addicted.

14.   Fall in love

15.   Fall out of love

16.   Cry like a baby (when you’re an adult)

17.   Explore your sexuality

18.   Laugh at your own embarrassing moment.

19.   Trust someone you don’t really know.

20.   Miss a flight, bus, or train.

21.   Visit some place haunted.

22.   Get a dog that you really want.

23.   Learn a new language

24.   Run a marathon.

25.   Attend a concert.

26.   Learn how to cook food you like.

27.   Do something extreme like bungee jumping.

28. Break the law without getting caught hopefully

29.  Donate money to a charity.

30. Help someone you barely know.

31. Volunteer for something

32.  Go a day without phones, or anything with a CPU inside.

33.     Read at least five books this year.

34.    Travel to another continent.

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