6 Tips You Can Do Now To Increase Daily Productivity

Delete 20% Of Your Facebook Friends

If you go to the very bottom of your Facebook friends it will show you the friends who barely see or interact with you on FB. Unfriend the 20%.

Have zero unread emails on your email account.

If you have as many unread emails like most people do, this might take an hour or two, but when you finally do it, it will free up a lot of space on your mind for a long time. Also unsubscribe from useless mailing lists which bombard your inbox.

Cleanin’ out the closet

We usually only wear certain outfits all year round over and over again. There’s also clothes you’ve never worn for years. Free up your closet space by getting rid of at least 20% of stuff you don’t wear.

Prepare a weeks’ worth of lunches in advance

Make about a week’s worth of lunches for 5 – 7 days at once. Fit them all in the required number of lunch boxes and put them in the freezer. Eat one per day for lunch. Making choices like what to eat kills brain and willpower and will bring peace to mind if you make this a habit. Also this can help you save money and your health if you are prone to eating fast food every day.

Turn Airplane Mode On

Turn on airplane mode (most phones should have this feature) before you sleep and keep it on until lunch. This will keep you from distractions and help you have way more productive mornings. Do Not Disturb works as well if you don’t have to worry about important or emergency phone calls from anyone.

Either ‘”Absolutely Yes”, or “No”.

If you are deciding to do something and it doesn’t feel like a “Heck Yes!” or “That would be awesome!”, then stick with no. This could have its own separate post but when it comes to people asking you for favors or asking “Can you do xxx for me?”, respond with “If I can”. Also if you’re at least in your mid to late twenties, you should stop being a rug for someone to step on. Most people ask favors that they can actually do themselves but don’t want to.

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