9 Places You Should Visit Before You Die

Rio de Janerio

A beautiful and vibrant city with a very diverse and fun people and crazy nightlife. People there know how to have fun with a laid back yet play-hard culture. You can go chill out at the Copacabana beach and soak up the sun on the white sand.

Buenos Aires

This city is full of energy and well known their it’s fine steaks and wines, tango, and a motto of do everything with passion. The nightlife here doesn’t stop until the sun goes up. A city packed with the arts, entertainment, performances, music, and amazing food.

Munich & Oktoberfest

This is one of the happiest places an adult can go for the one purpose of drinking, singing, and having a good time. There are always huge amounts of people sitting around, socializing and drinking while feeling you are part of something old and traditional.

Las Vegas

Every person should experience Vegas at least once in their life. You go to forget about the world you left and basically just do whatever. You are encouraged to drink wherever, gamble, and party with close friends or even family. You go to dine, drink, and feel like a king or queen. Play five dollar blackjack while chugging free drinks or go to a famous show and make new friends.


There is really nowhere else like Japan. It’s the epitome of a cosmopolitan and metropolitan city. It’s huge with beaming colorful city lights. Food in Tokyo is a whole other experience and people are nice and respectful even though they probably can’t understand you. It’s a safe, clean, tranquil city that’s bustling with high energy.


It’s a city that has blurred line between the super modern and almost ancient. You can see a great divide between the rich and poor with big buildings but trash everywhere, vendors on the sidewalk and motorcycles bustling. You will definitely feel the business of the city. The street vendors are one of the best delights if you have any interested in Thai food. Bangkok is a city that likes to party as well, but has a plethora of culture to see too.


Want to enjoy the finer things in life? Visit Italy. You won’t find any other place that cares about food and drink as much as Italy. There are so many places to visit like the hometown of Leonardo DaVinci, the Venice canals and anything you’ve probably heard about Italy should be well.. in Italy!

Melbourne in the summer

Sports and entertainment can pretty much sum up Melbourne. You can see the Australian Open at the park if you’re into tennis. Gardens, Casinos, restaurants, so many events all packed into one city center. The city also offers one of the most diverse nightlife experiences you can imagine along with the fun people of Australia, aka. Aussies. The beaches aren’t considered extraordinary but they are there. You will not run out of things to do in Melbourne and you won’t want to leave.

Queenstown, New Zealand

There is something to do at anytime of the year in Queenstown. If you are an outdoorsy type you will love this place. Anything extreme you can think of from skiing, mountain biking, skydiving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a small town in the south of New Zealand and very peaceful. You can even go fishing or golfing too. The scenery surround the town is beautiful. There are many tourists but they are usually the fun types, because it’s a fun place to be. It’s remote, tranquil, and the party is always there year round.

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