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Anello Backpack Review

Official Anello Bag FAQ:

Q: Where Can I Buy an Anello Bag?

A: You can buy Anello Bags either in Anello brand stores or online or a local department store in Asia. The most authentic bags are for sale at

Q: How do I know if my Anello Bag is authentic?

A: The devil is in the details. On your Anello Bag, look at the handle button. The ‘6 Stars’ design hasn’t been used since the summer of 2016.
Also the stitched logo on the front of the Anello bag should have the new phrase ‘COM PAO EVINHO’ instead of ‘COM PO EVINHO’ (previous phrase).

The interior bag color is only used with a specific exterior color with. You can check this at the official website

Also Anello switched from 2 price/info tags to 3 tags in the beginning of 2016.


Top Selling Anello Bag Weight (lb) Dimensions (inches)
anello bag 1.25 10.5 x 16 x 7 Check Price
anello bag 1.8 18.5 x 14 x 3.3 Check Price
 anello bag 1.2 10.5 x 7 x 16 Check Price
anello bag 1.85 10.6 x 6.7 x 15.8 Check Price

Anello is one of Japan’s best creators of bags. Their products guarantee quality and durability. They are also very stylish and trendy, always on track with what’s popular. Their backpacks are one of their most popular products. So if you are on the hunt for a new backpack and you need some tips for your research, we have something that might just be the right choice for you. With that being said we present you one of their highest rated products, their Polyester Canvas Backpack. Here is our Anello bag review, read it and see why Anello are on the list of best backpack brands.

anello bag

Basic specifics

First off let’s start simple. We begin with the basic specifics that the Anello polyester canvas backpack possesses. The main materials that are used to make this backpack are nylon and polyester. The outside of the backpack is covered with polyester and canvas. When combined, these two materials give this bag its durability and stylish look. It’s dimensions are approximately 14,2 (it’s 16,2 if you include the handle), x 10,3 x 6,3 inches. Which believe us is a lot of storage, but we’ll talk about that more broadly in a few moments. It weighs in at 590 grams, which is thanks to its light materials that are used to make it. That covers all the basics, moving on to the next part of this review.

Design and features

This model comes in various colors. There is one main design but there are tons of colors to choose from. Each one has its own charm and will surely satisfy the needs of even the pickiest customers. The design is simple and effective. The stitching is amazing. Very firm and sturdy, there is no way that it will loosen up. The handles on the back have added padding to them for extra comfort. Also, there is padding on the back of the backpack. So if you carry your laptop with you, it’ll provide the extra comfort.

anello bag


Main compartment

On the top, there is the handle and right underneath that is a double zipper that leads to the main compartment. The main compartment, which can easily fit all your daily needs is very spacious. You will notice that, as soon as you open this bag. What’s more important is that you’ll be amazed at how clearly you’ll be able to see what’s stored in it. So say goodbye to all those annoying moments when you were looking for one specific item in your bag, but couldn’t find it because it was total chaos in there.

anello bag


There are also two pockets inside this compartment, to keep things even more organized. If you carry your laptop around with you for work or have a bunch of books, your tablet or so on, then have no worries. You will easily fit all your items in this lovely bag. What’s more amazing is that all will be organized.

On the back, there is another zipper that leads to the main compartment too. So let’s say you’re in a hurry and you just need to grab something quickly that’s stored in the back, like let’s say your wallet. You won’t need to open up the top double zipper and go through all your stuff. You can just lower your backpack from your shoulder and use this “shortcut” to get what you need. It can come in very handy if you’re in a hurry.

Side and front compartments

On the side, there are two compartments with no zipper. These can be useful for storing stuff like water bottles or maybe an umbrella. This means that you won’t have to store thing that you need quick access to (like water bottles) in the main compartment. You can just put them in one of the side compartments, so it will be always within hands reach.

On the front, there is also another compartment. This compartment is opened and closed with a single zipper. It is a small sized compartment, that can be useful for storing little things that need to be closed and secured. Like your car or house keys or maybe your glasses or your wallet. It can come in handy in certain situations whilst keeping things organized and separated from your other stuff.

Using it for travel

The Anello bag can be used as an extra hand luggage when traveling. Coming in as a side-kick for your main travel bags, you can use this backpack to store thing that you need to access quickly. Like a wallet, keys or a bottle of water. It is also ideal for storing your tech items, like your tablet or laptop. The huge storage space in the main compartment is ideal for this. Along with the inner pocket, where you can store your cell-phone. The padding on the back will make sure that all your things are kept safe and won’t be damaged.

Using it for work

When it comes to daily routines like work, the Anello bag is your best friend. It will store all things you normally need on a day-to-day basis. Most importantly it will keep things organized. You can put your wallet, house keys, car keys in a separate compartment on the front, while your computer, notebooks and other work items can be organized in the main compartment. Not to mention that the trendy look and stylish design will guarantee that you’ll be getting compliments on your backpack every time you enter the room.


To sum things up we can easily say that Anello outdid themselves on this one. This modern and stylish model will definitely satisfy your expectations. The sturdy stitching will guarantee that this backpack will last. It’s durable and at the same time comfortable and stylish. The large and spacious storage will surely be enough to fit the needs of even those who carry around more stuff then they usually need. It’s an excellent backpack to use on a daily basis. It’ll surely become a key factor in your daily routines. So if you had any doubts about what kind of backpack you should get, don’t hesitate and make the right choice. We hope that this review helped you in your search and that you’re more informed now after you’ve read it.

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