Top 9 Best Backpack Brands – Buyer’s Guide 2018

History shows backpacks have been in existence since 5,000 years ago. We don’t imagine they were that great but it shows how much humans don’t want to be bothered with carrying things around all the time.

Our top 9 best backpack brands guide for 2018 is going to show you some of the best quality backpacks you can get without sacrificing your first born. If you’re disappointed that Louis Vuitton backpacks are not on the list, this review is not for you, and for everyone else let me ask:

You wouldn’t just buy or wear any backpack, would you?

Top 9 Best Backpack Brands​

Backpack Brand & Name Weight (lb) Dimensions (inches)
Herschel Little America Backpack 1.5 19.5 x 11.25 x 7 Check Price
Anello Japan Imported Backpack 1.3 14.2 x 10.3 x 6.3 Check Price
Fjallraven Kanken Classic 0.64 15 x 10.6 x 5.1 Check Price
Rains 1.76 20 x 12.25 x 4.75 Check Price
Tumi Voyageur Calais 1.69 5.5 x 12.2 x 15.9 Check Price
5.11 Tactical Rush 12 1.00 6.5 x 18 x 11 Check Price
XDDesign Bobby Compact Anti theft 1.1 6.4 x 13.3 x 16.5 Check Price
The North Face Jester 2.2 7.5 x 19.8 x 13.2 Check Price
6 Pack Fitness Expedition 300 Stealth 7.00 12 x 12 x 17 Check Price

Backpacks are cool, backpacks are great, backpacks are useful! Although considered an accessory, they slowly but surely are becoming a necessity. Backpacks have become a part of our day-to-day lives. Everywhere you look there is someone with a backpack and we all own at least one. We’ve all been in a situation where we needed one, or one came in handy. Whether you use it for work, or school, or a hobby like hiking, or some kind of training, one thing is certain, that they make life easier for us. So be careful when choosing a backpack. There are numerous things you have to take into consideration when making this decision. You have to know what you intend to use it for mostly. So for example, if you intend to use it for hiking, then you should pick out a durable one, that will withstand the forces of nature. Take a look below at the best backpack brands you can get and where!

Herschel (Little America Backpack, Best Everyday Casual Backpack)

Our Best Backpack Brands Rating 97/100

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Herschel Supply Co. probably has the most variety of designs and color schemes and is one of the best selling backpacks on the market today, but that’s not why Herschel is no. 1 on our list. Herschel bags are basically the Porsche brand of everyday backpacks. They are simple, timeless, yet versatile and practical. These bags will have your friends or coworkers asking about your bag.

Based in Vancouver Canada, the Herschel Supply Company offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers common and everyday use. The company promises on their website that every item they make is free of manufacturing defects.

The signature striped fabric liner really makes these bags pop out from other backpacks on the market. There is a sleeve designed specifically to fit a 15″ laptop with an adjustable draw cord closure. The straps stay firm on the bag thanks to the magnetic strap closures. You also get a internal pocket for your smartphone and a built in headphone port. The Little America Backpack is light, yet roomy enough to fit textbooks and of course a laptop. Many backpacks leave your back strained but this backpack is as comfortable as it gets. You have kids going to school? Forget JanSport, these are what the big dogs are carrying around now. Need a backpack for work but don’t want to feel like a high school senior that got held back a few years? Then you might want to check out the super fashionable Herschel brand.
The only issue with these bags are that a lot of imitation versions are going around being passed as authentic. You can tell by the durability of the bag if components and materials start to rip or fall apart. We advise to do your due diligence with all brand name bags. We’ve found that Amazon has the most authentic sellers for Herschel backpacks.

There are a lot of backpacks on the market, but there is also a reason why Herschel’s products are often distinguished from others. The Herschel backpack is a great choice for all occasions, both work and travel. Regardless of how you use it, it will not disappoint you.

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Stylish & practical without screaming for attention
  • Laptop sleeve is padded so no shock to your hardware
  • Magnetic strap closing

  • A lot of fakes being passed as real
  • Price is a little high

Anello Japan-Imported Shoulder Rucksack Backpack (Best STYLISH Status Symbol Backpack)

best backpack brands

Our Best Backpack Brands Rating 93/100

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The Anello Japan imported backpacks are something we wanted to talk about for a while, not because of the quality but the sheer popularity and success we have seen in Asia and now western countries. Anello started as a small brand being sold in underground stores in Osaka, Japan. Initially it appealed to mom’s and became known as the “Mother Bag” because you could load it with lots of things without them muddled in the bag. Then it expanded to become a favorite for teens and later skyrocketed to an enormous fan base.

Looking at these bags you wouldn’t know it was Japanese if you weren’t from Japan, but after finding out it all makes total sense. The designs are almost endless from canvas to leather, to super creative and appealing color schemes, no wonder these bags are one of the best backpack brands in Asia. The Anello backpacks are mostly 10.5 inches long, 16 inches in height, and 7 inches in width. This makes for a very stylish and compact bag, easy to carry around. Like most modern bags, you can also easily fit a laptop inside as well. With a purchase of an Anello backpack you receive a Certificate of Authenticity  from Japan so you know you weren’t bamboozled.

I don’t think I have to talk about the style as a quick Amazon browse will speak for itself so I will go over features and comfort.

Remember how we mentioned “The Mother Bag” earlier?

This is why..

The bag is pretty light weight (You already have the burden of society on your shoulders, why more?) with a pocket inside for a cellphone, keys, or wallets. Both sides have a open pocket for your favorite bottled beverage or Starbucks tumbler. The top handle is nice and wide to carry (none of that nylon JanSport handle burn. Sorry JanSport). I forgot to mention these backpacks are not just for women. Don’t let the cuteness fool you! These backpacks can be worn my men, women, children, a wandering coyote or whatever these kids identify as nowadays.

So unfortunately we have to talk about the bad stuff… The main problem we hear from people is that they received a fake Anello bag. This was also true but less common with the Herschel bags we talked about above. It is very easy to get scammed buying these bags. We found that once again, Amazon is the biggest seller for authentic Anello bags imported from Japan. All products ranging from Anello backpacks, rucksacks, shoulder bags, mini backpacks, and leather bags. Lastly colors don’t always match the picture when ordering online. I would be wise to look on Google for more pictures of the color you are interested in, but overall this doesn’t detract from it being one of the top 3 backpack brands…

To sum things up, are you looking for comfort and style? The Anello backpack is awesome because of both. It is super comfortable and easy to wear and it protects your back too. Also, you can choose from the large spectrum of different colors and express your individuality. It is definitely a backpack that offers it all!

Pros Cons
  • Fits a 15″ laptop
  • 2 side pockets for water bottles
  • Wide opening
  • Lots of compartments
  • Quality stitching, not to mention beautiful design
  • Great for moms raising kids

  • Front zipper pocket is a little small
  • Side pockets made of thin fabric


Fjallraven (Kanken Classic)

Our Best Backpack Brands Rating 91/100

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If you are looking for something lightweight and versatile but also looks great, the Kanken is your best choice. It can be used for a wide range of activities like running your daily errands around town or even exploring new places. You can easily access the main compartment with its U-shaped big zipper. This enables you to avoid the unnecessary rummaging every time you need to access something.


We love the fact that the Kanken is made from Vinylon F by Fjallraven. You can easily clean this material with a warm cloth because the dirt easily rubs off in just a wipe. As part of the brand’s heritage “Fjallraven” meaning “Arctic Fox”, Fjallraven makes innovative synthetic materials.


•    Weights around 10.6 ounces.

•    Made of Vinylon Fl.

•    16 litre in volume.

•    Padded sleeves exclusively dedicated to laptops.

•    Classic bag originally meant for school.

•    Can fit up to 15-inch laptops.

•    Content information tag for the purposes of personalization.

•    Woven shoulder that is adjustable ergonomically with dual snap handle and “X” design straps.

If you cannot afford to buy more than one backpack than we highly recommend this. You can use it for a whole lot of purposes and it looks trendy so you will look good wherever you take it. This is an improved version of its previous classic version which was already a hit in the market. If you liked the last one, you will love this one!

Pros Cons
  • Rain flips for protection against rain
  • Easy to clean with water resistant and dirt resistant Vinylon F material
  • Highly versatile – can be used for running errands, school, work, training or sightseeing
  • Large storage space – can easily fit 15″ laptop, tablet, notes, books, all at the same time
  • Highly durable
  • Needs for smaller pockets to store small sized valuables.
  • Could do better if it were bigger in size


Our Best Backpack Brands Rating 89/100

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The Rains backpack is versatile enough to be used by all types of people. It looks very professional but also looks stylish all at the same time. With its sleek design, it is a perfect choice for both the professional office goer as well as the university student. With this bag, you will no longer have to worry about the weather conditions because it comes with gusseted side panels that easily folds in the funnel rain away and flap closure to keep all of your valuables dry.


The brand Rains which was founded back in 2012 works around reinventing the classic rubber raincoats. Their backpacks are sturdy and highly resistant to different types of weather conditions. As a modern day accessory, Rains have also made accommodations for super-cool accessories and gadgets. Almost all of its backpacks carry the company’s trademark which is its minimalistic features offering a classic appeal to all its designs. This is one of the best backpack brands you can buy if your ideal backpack is style, practicality, and professionalism.


•    Height measurement – 20 inches/ 51 cm.

•    Width measurement – 12.25 inches/ 31 cm.

•    Depth measurement – 4.75 inches/ 12 cm.

•    Made of water-resistant vinyl.

•    Lined interior that includes laptop compartment and zip pocket.

•    8000 Mm column pressure.

•    Single main compartment.

•    Volume – 3,72 Us Gallons or 14,3 liters.

•    Can fit 13 inches to 15-inch laptop inside pocket.

This Rains backpack is a great choice for you if you are looking for a sleek design with minimalistic design. This water resistant backpack has a matte finish which further adds to its overall appeal. With its flat design, you should only purchase it for professional and academic purposes like carrying laptop, tablet, books, notes, etc.

Pros Cons
  • Straps can be adjusted
  • Waterproof coil zipper in aqua guard.
  • Magnetic and carbine closings for ease of use.
  • Hidden pocket for added security.

  • Can only accommodate flat objects.
  • Matte finish easily stains.
  • Difficult to unclasp.

Tumi (Voyageur Calais, Best Women’s Travel Backpack)

Our Best Backpack Brands Rating88/100

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The Tumi Voyageur Calais Women’s Backpack is a great choice if you are looking for something pretty and practical but also versatile enough for everyday use, travel and even for business. Besides its functionality, the overall design is almost basic with minimalistic designs so that it goes with any kind of outfit and is appropriate for a wide variety of occasions as well. If you are a busy woman who wants to look great, this stylish but basic and functionally backpack will be your best friend. The nylon material also gives you a fuss free cleaning experience. All you have to do is wipe the dirt with a damp cloth. Even the heavily soiled areas can be cleaned with soapy water.


The Voyageur collection by Tumi is now popular for its sophisticated and streamlined feminine style with lightweight designs topped with smart details. You can trust a Tumi product because the company claims all its products are put through 30 different unique tests. Its backpacks are comfortable, durable and modern. This is #5 on our top 9 best backpack brands list and would be higher if it wasn’t so expensive.


•    Made of 100 % nylon.

•    Carry handle with leather top and shoulder padded straps.

•    Two open pouches in the main compartment and a padded compartment for laptop.

•    The dimension has a shoulder drop of 13 inches, 16 inches in height and 12.5 inches in width.

•    Interior padded 15 inch compartment for laptop.


•    Easy to reach compartments without unnecessary digging.

•    Interior pockets for organized storage.

•    Zippers open wide for easy access to things.

•    Rainproof.

Made of light weight, durable and easy to clean nylon material, this Tumi Voyageur Calais Women’s Backpack will not only add a great look to your overall outfit but it is also exceptionally usable and will give you its money’s worth of usage. That’s why Tumi is one of the best backpack brands you can get although a little pricey. 

Pros Cons
  • Easy to reach compartments without unnecessary digging.
  • Interior pockets for organized storage.
  • Zippers open wide for easy access to things.
  • Rainproof.

  • Limited colors to choose from.
  • Not budget friendly.

5.11 Tactical (Tactical Rush 12, Best Tactical Backpack)

best backback brands 5.11

Our Best Backpack Brands Rating 88/100

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If you are looking for a high performance and durable multipurpose backpack for multiple roles, this one is your best choice. It is perfect for a multiple heavy duty purposes like going for hunting, tactical assault or an emergency go-to bag.


The Tactical backpacks are popular for their modular and comprehensive storage support for any kind of purpose or environment. They are generally designed to be used for load out customization in integrated platforms. You can also tailor most of the Tactical backpacks to suit your environment and activities. Don’t miss out on this when shopping for the best backpack brands.


•    1050D nylon water resistant.

•    MOLLE wrap around.

•    Flag patches and nametape you can hook and loop.

•    The main compartment measures 18 inches, 11 inches and 6.5 inches.

•    Front bottom compartment measures 12 inches, 9 inches and 1.75 inches.

•    1.5 litre hydration pocket measuring 17 inches, 11 inches.

•    Total capacity – 24 litres/ 1476 cubic inch.

•    Pull tabs that are glove friendly.

•    Shoulder strap system that is contoured yoke.

The 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Backpack will not fail you during a backpacking trip. Although it may be a little on the pricey side, you can get comfort and space from it. You can store as many items with security.

Pros Cons
  • Hydration pocket.
  • Main storage area is roomy.
  • Durable enough to last for many years.
  • 16 different compartments.
  • Rain does not penetrate into the bag.

  • Expensive but this can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Not as large as you may expect it to be.
  • Could get lost in the multiple compartments.

XDDesign Bobby Compact Anti-Theft

Our Best Backpack Brands Rating 85/100

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If you travel a lot or live in a community where it is not safe or you simply do not want to lose the valuables that you carry around, then the XD Design Compact Anti-Theft Backpack by Bobby is your best choice. This looks trendy and you can use it for pretty much anything – school, outings with friends, travel, etc.


The XD Design is the producer and designer of Bobby Anti-Theft Backpacks. The brand has been founded with the common goal of providing security to its users. The company’s goal is to provide a safe community where people will no longer have to carry their backpacks at the front for fear of getting robbed.


•    Cut-proof fabric with 300D/ 600D.

•    Anti-shock foam measuring 6 mm.

•    Reflective bars in the bag can have 100 meters visibility.

•    Bottom and front of backpack made from PU material that is re-used.

The XD Design Compact Anti-Theft Backpack by Bobby is very comfortable because it is weight balanced. You can carry it around for long hours without getting tired. It is already a hit in the market except for its limited space.

Pros Cons
  • Impossible to steal!
  • Material is cut-proof, zipper closures are hidden with secret pockets.
  • Integrated USB port for charging on the go.
  • Weight balanced, waterproof fabric.
  • Luggage strap and illuminating strips for safety.
  • Card pocket located at the front for public transportation.
  • Hidden zipper.
  • Reflective bars for night security.

  • Small size – cannot carry too many things.
  • Difficulty in opening the zipper since it is anti-theft proof.

The North Face (Jester Backpack, Best General Purpose)

best backpack brand

Our Best Backpack Brands Rating 82/100

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If you are a person who loves extreme outdoor activities like climbing, hiking, mountaineering or travels light but sturdy, then the Jester Backpack by The North Face is your choice. No matter what you do or where you go, you can rest assured that this backpack will probably not fail you for many years to come.


The North Face does not mess around when it comes to organizing and protecting your gear. Established back in the year 1966, it has become a popular name among mountaineers, hikers and climbers. Its founders Douglas Tompkins and wife Susie Tompkins have a wide varying experience in this area and we cannot think of anyone more fit to make these products than them, hence why this is one of the backpack brands you can get.


•    26 litre backpack capacity.

•    Floating pad inside 15-inch laptop sleeve to protect your gear in case you drop it.

•    FlexVent suspension system to boost your shoulder strap and air-mesh padded back panel with spine to support and ventilate your back.

•    Sternum strap.

•    Front elastic bungee outside backpack for more storage.

•    Reflective bike light loop at 360 degrees, webbed shoulder straps and tabs for water bottle.

This bad boy will be your best friend for fun trips and extreme outdoor activities. Most of its features are premium quality for higher durability even in the most extreme conditions.

Pros Cons
  • Comfortable shoulder straps and back panel.
  • Protects your laptop even if you drop it or falls from a height.
  • Provides spinal support and ventilation with FlexVent suspension.
  • Organized main compartment complete with pen pockets with zippered pockets.
  • More storage outside the backpack with elastic bungee.
  • More comfort with shoulder strap webbing.
  • Lots of pockets for water bottles.

  • Some recommend a bigger backpack if you are a student.
  • Doesn’t stay up when setting it somewhere. Always falls down.
  • Not water resistant.
  • Not recommended for professional or work use.

6 Pack Fitness (Expedition 300 Stealth, Best Office to Gym Backpack)

Our Best Backpack Brands Rating 79/100

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The Expedition 300 Stealth, 6 Pack Fitness comes in multiple compartments not only for your meals but also to store your clothes. You can make your selection from a number of varying colors. This is a great backpack for meal prep. It has a high level of endurance both inside and outside of the gym.


The 6 Pack Fitness has become a popular name for meal management, luggage and iconic bags. You will find the goodness of all three elements in the Expedition 300 Stealth. True to what the brand stands for, this backpack provides innovative and stylish solutions for your fitness and work life.


•    Contains 1 container sports nutrition for supplements and pills and 3 containers with sure-lock.

•    Fleece lined pocket to prevent scratches in eyewear and sunglasses.

•    Insulated pockets on the exterior for blender and water bottles.

•    Modular core system is highly insulated to keep up to 3 meals independently accessible and organized.

•    Supplement pockets and zippered utensils.

Thanks to this Expedition 300 Stealth, 6 Pack Fitness backpack, you can easily manage your meals with this organized backpack. Besides your meals, it also has space provision for your gym gear and office technology.

Pros Cons
  • Your food can last for over 8 hours with the 3 gel packs.
  • Fleece lined technology enables you to carry tablets and laptops.
  • Comfortable to carry with deluxe shoulder straps and padded back.
  • Spacious compartment for extra fitness gear, clothing and food.
  • Containers are leak proof sealed.

  • Too small for some people’s liking. They prefer the 500.
  • Expensive.
  • Bag cannot stand on its own without the help of a lunch bag since it is not specifically designed exclusively for meals.

It is not easy to shop for backpacks, especially when it comes to the best backpack brands. You have to take into consideration different important aspects like comfort, functionality, style, water resistant, price, etc. Narrowing down on the brand of the product can give you a pretty rough idea about what you can expect from your purchase. Since brands cannot hide their track history about how customers have received their products in the past, this is quite a foolproof way to make the right decision when choosing the right backpack for your needs.

Why investing in one of these best backpack brands is a good idea

Backpacks are a big part of our daily routines. We use them on our way to school, or as a place to store our laptop for work, or for hiking and traveling. They are quite the versatile storage item. They’re very useful and they certainly make things easier for us. So if you’re planning to get a new one think hard before you go out and purchase the first thing that comes along. There is a big difference in buying a cheap backpack and a more expensive one. And that difference is, yep, you’ve guessed it … QUALITY! A good quality backpack can make a huge difference and this is why you should choose from the best backpack brands.

There are many reasons why you should opt to invest in a quality backpack. For starters let’s just state the obvious, a good quality backpack will last longer and is likely more durable than a cheaper version. There is an obvious difference in the materials that are used in both versions. A good quality backpack will use highly durable materials and will be built to last. While the low-quality one will use the minimal and low-quality materials needed to construct a backpack. Although, sometimes the fancy look of the low-quality ones can give you an illusion that the bag is great. But that is not the case most of the time. So you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled. Because you don’t want to find yourself purchasing a fancy looking backpack, only to loosen up with the stitching and fall apart after a month of usage. Not to mention water resistance, a low resistance backpack can spell disaster for your belonging stored inside it. Just imagine water getting to your tech items, a nightmare!

So be smart when making the choice and invest once in a quality backpack. Do yourself a favor, save money and avoid the stress and headaches. Go with one of our best backpack brands.

A few maintenance tips

A lot of backpack owners are similar and we’ve come to notice that there are two groups of them. The first group likes having a filthy backpack because the dirt speaks of their adventures. The second group is those who take good care of their backpacks in an attempt to protect their investment. However, if you don’t want to clean and maintain your backpack, there is nothing we can do to help you. Instead, we will focus on the second group and help you extend the life of your backpack.

The backpack’s label

The secret to having a well-maintained backpack is knowledge. You should read the label and follow instructions. If you make informed decisions and act like a responsible owner of this item, you will be sure that you won’t end the life of your backpack. Most of the times the backpacks aren’t thrown away because they are worn out. Instead, they are thrown because owners have destroyed them. By reading the label, you will be sure that you won’t damage or discolor your backpack. Even with some of the best backpack brands, it won’t last too long if it is not maintained at least once in a while.

Take care of it every day

Don’t wait to wash it once or twice a year, make sure that you use a wet wipe once in a while. Alternatively, you can use a toothbrush to scrub the heavily dirty places. Also, it is very important to remember that whenever you choose to clean it, make sure that you use the right products. By this, we mean products that don’t contain chemicals which can damage the color and the quality of the fabric. Remember that not all products are suitable for backpacks. Especially not for those backpacks which are waterproof.

Find the perfect spot

Make sure that you aren’t leaving your backpack in moldy or wet places. However, it can happen to anyone. Still, remember that if you don’t dry it out soon, the fabric might get heavily damaged.


Backpacks are one of the greatest items ever invented. Of course, they are when you have your hands free and yet you carry so many items. And frankly, we have a lot of items we are carrying around too – laptops, books, clothes, and whatnot. Today’s backpack technology has enhanced a lot of qualities in them, adding space and relieving back pressure. You can find almost all types of the best backpack backpacks regardless of your age, sex or height. It is very important to be well-informed and to make a right decision when it comes to the best backpack brands and models. This is because having a wrong pack can damage your back and it can cause you pain and medical problems.

We highly suggest that you make an informed decision and choose your backpack carefully. Especially if you plan on wearing it on a daily basis or for longer periods of time. If you choose wisely, you will maximize the number of items you can carry without having to feel any discomfort. After all, we all want to feel comfortable and enjoy our everyday activities, with our without our backpack on our back.

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