Taking on The World, One Tick at A Time- The Best Ways to Start Your Bucket List [BUCKET LIST IDEAS]

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What is a Bucket List?
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What Is A Bucket List?


The definition of a bucket list is a list of things you want to do in your lifetime. You can have any kind of bucket list, such as an adventure bucket list, a simple bucket list, a travel bucket list, or a combination of all of these. Some people have bucket lists for movies they want to watch or books they want to read. Some people have bucket lists as a couple. Some people even have bucket lists for fish they want to catch in their lifetime – so it really is up to you what you want to put on one.

You may want a bucket list in order to write an interesting book or blog or for a website. You may want one to keep a relationship lively and passionate. Or you may simply want one as a checklist for things you want to do in your lifetime. Either way, it’s great fun to sit down one afternoon and start one off. Then you can simply add to it any time you think of something new.

So, to ask the question again, what is a bucket list? A bucket list is a way of fulfilling your life’s goals.

But how do you go about making a bucket list? What do you add to it?

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 How to Make A Bucket List


The first thing you need to do is think about is your goals. Why do you want to make a bucket list? Is it so that you have a fun filled and interesting summer? Or is it for things to work towards across your lifetime?

The best thing about the definition of a bucket list is that it can be anything you want, for any situation or time frame. This can be a double-edged sword, however. The best thing about a bucket list is also the most difficult.

So, if you’ve decided that your goals involve having fun and fulfilling whatever you want to do in a shorter time-frame, then it’s a lot easier. Yet, if you’ve decided that it’s for a blog, or if it’s for your entire life it can be daunting.

So, when you’re making a bucket list it’s best to start with realistic ideas and then work your way up. The best bucket list ideas are not always the coolest bucket list ideas. The best bucket list ideas are the ones that can be fulfilled as soon as possible at first.

Of course, after you fulfil the more realistic bucket list ideas it can be a lot easier to fulfil a cooler bucket list. By then, you’ll be hooked on the idea of making an interesting list and finding any way to get it done. But start slowly if your goals are more to do with a lifetime of accomplishment and adventure. So, in short, start off simple, then end up atop mountains.


Things to Add to Your Bucket List


There are many things to add to a bucket list. But again, start from the beginning. It can be helpful to put on your bucket list anything that comes to mind at that point in time. But look at your goals and then categories your bucket list items.

The best bucket list ideas fall into a specific category of bucket list. This is much more doable. If you have several bucket lists at once, you’ll be able to cross off an item every week rather than every few months.

So, by all means when you’re thinking of things to put on your bucket list, scribble everything down. But after this you’ll need to organize it all.

If you want some cool bucket list ideas think about where you are now, and where you want to be. Not just physically but emotionally. If you feel like you want to be a traveler, then you can center one of your bucket lists around that. If you want to read more, center one around that.

If you’re looking for inspiration for the best bucket list ideas, we have a few categories and ideas below.


Adventure Ideas


An adventure bucket list still has to be a realistic bucket list. Luckily, however, “realistic” depends on you. Not only this but “adventure” also relies on what you feel an adventure is.

So, climbing down the Grand Canyon can be perfect for an adventure bucket list, but it may not be perfect for you depending on your situation. You can always scale back in this case, as visiting the Grand Canyon can also be an adventure in and of itself.

So here are a few adventurous ideas:

  • Hike up a mountain – Kilimanjaro is recommended
  • Base Jumping – Norway’s Kjerag is picturesque and gorgeous
  • Skydiving – Can be found in most cities
  • Hike the Salcantay trail to Machu Picchu
  • Canoe through rapids
  • Go to “La Tomatina” in Spain
  • Hike down the Grand Canyon

Just keep in mind, research is paramount when organizing bucket list items such as these. When it comes to adventure, you can rarely just show up and be able to participate.


Couples Ideas


Couples bucket list ideas are a fun way of connecting with your partner. From thinking of things to put on your bucket list to actually doing them together, not much can bring you closer.

They can be simple bucket list ideas, or they can be cool bucket list ideas, or they can be part of a travel bucket list. It works in exactly the same way as when you think of things to add to a bucket list. So again, how do you make a bucket list? You keep your goals in mind, then you think of your situation, then you think of where you want to end up. This also means starting off with a simple bucket list, then working your way up.

Like individual bucket lists, bucket list ideas for couples also depend on your situation. However, these bucket lists also revolve around what kind of a couple you are. This will affect your starting point, as bucket lists help with bringing people out of their comfort zone, but it is a gradual process. So, if you’re a party loving couple, the zen retreats may come later.

In effect, bucket list ideas for couples could revolve around dates but could also revolve around travel:

  • Restaurants you want to visit
  • Movies you want to watch together
  • Experiences (this would be classes, such as martial arts, pottery, artwork, etc.)
  • Romantic destinations (Venice, Paris, etc.)
  • Party destinations (Budapest, Amsterdam, etc.)
  • Spiritual destinations (Tibet, Thailand, etc.)
  • Art galleries you want to visit
  • Getting a pet


Travel Ideas


Easily some of the best bucket list ideas, a travel bucket list is a must have. However, a travel bucket list doesn’t necessarily mean just travel destinations or places to visit in the world, it can also mean goals that involve the travelling itself.

Bucket list trips can give you a lot of things to add to a bucket list. So, think about the bucket list travel destinations but also think of the journey you can take. If you want to visit Galicia in Spain, think about taking the Camino way to get there. This way you’ve mixed in adventure with the destination.

When it comes to bucket list trips, think about what your beliefs are. You can get a beautiful bucket list of places to visit in the world with a religious or spiritual basis. If you wish to get more in touch with yourself, you can go off the beaten track to serene lakes or high mountains. If you wish to get closer to your beliefs you could go on pilgrimage to Lourdes.

  • Pilgrimages
  • Antelope Canyon, Arizona
  • The natural wonders of the world (Northern lights, Victoria falls, etc.)
  • Ayers Rock (you can also visit the great barrier reef in the same trip)
  • Rural China
  • The cities of Northern Italy (it’s better to take the train)
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia

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Summertime Fun


If you have all of Summer approaching and you’re wondering what you’ll be doing with yourself, a summer bucket list can help. This is the simplest and most realistic bucket list. It’s very good practice for a more complex or difficult bucket list to sit down before the holidays and create a summer bucket list and then try to fulfil it before the holidays end.

  • Go swimming
  • Go to the cinema
  • Go hiking around your area
  • Go to the gym
  • Go travelling (if realistic)
  • Learn a new language
  • Learn an instrument
  • Paint a landscape close to you
  • Go camping

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Unique Ideas


If you’re still thinking of things to put on a bucket list, then start a final one. This one won’t fall any other category, it won’t necessarily be about travel, culture, or adventure. This one is about you.

Unique bucket list ideas are more to do with a lifetime bucket list. They can be anything, but they’ll be a bit more strange and individual. They’ll be about what you want to do with your time.

So, unique bucket list ideas can be obvious to you at first, or you may need to search deeper and think about what you’ve always wanted to do since you were young. They can be big and unrealistic, as long as you won’t be disappointed if they don’t come true

  • Learn to fly
  • Sail around the world
  • Find a new star
  • Name a star
  • Write and publish a book of poems
  • Write and publish a book in general (here’s how)
  • Go vegan? (This might help)
  • Break a world record
  • Be the first to fulfil something
  • Hitchhike across the U.S. (Here’s how)
  • Learn Tai Chi for free  in Hong Kong
  • Help someone with PTSD
  • Help someone who is suicidal
  • Become your healthiest version of yourself. Here’s some tips for women
  • Get rid of your fear of rejection
  • Create a fancy dessert for yourself or someone you know




Back to your goals. A bucket list book, blog, or website can be an end game, or it can be something you write alongside your adventures.

Maybe part of your bucket list is a book to end it. Many travel writers have found great success and recognition, such as Bill Bryson. So, by all means, write down your adventures.

But the good and bad thing is that many people have done this before. If you’re still thinking of things to add to a bucket list you can find any website, book, or blog that will help you out. It might give you inspiration to see someone that’s done the things you want to do.

Yet, it can also make you feel like your ideas aren’t unique. Visiting a country can feel less special if you find a blog of someone who has visited all of them. You must ignore this feeling. Comparing your achievements to others is not a path to happiness or fulfilment. If you want to travel to a certain place at a certain time, such as New York at new year’s, it doesn’t matter if someone has done it before you.

The other thing is that your blog, book, or website needs to stand out. There are a few ways of doing this. The main one is to have a unique selling point. If there isn’t an inherent one in your situation, then add an element to your adventures. This could be something as simple as bringing an old cuddly toy and taking pictures of them participating in activities with you.


All in All


A bucket list is a great idea for anyone that’s thirsty to get out there and explore everything the world and everything it has to offer. It can be great for artists and writers to bring their inspiration to the next level, but it can also be good for someone who just wants to try new things and get more out of life.

If you start slowly and start with something simple and realistic, you can end up in all sorts of strange and wonderful places. When you’ve fulfilled the smaller items, like starting archery or martial arts, you’ll already start feeling thirsty and inspired enough to start tackling the larger, more complicated ideas, like skydiving or climbing mountains.

Your bucket list is for you and only you, though. It’s difficult to say what the best bucket list ideas for you are. It can be easy to suggest a list of common bucket list ideas or cool bucket list ideas, but each bucket list you create will depend on your individual goals and situation.

Think about what you want and where you want to be and work backwards, then as soon as you know it you’ll be achieving incredible things.

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