Best Chicken and Rice Recipe [POPULAR RECIPES]

Chicken and Rice Recipes

What is the best chicken and rice recipe you’ve ever tasted? Could you pick one meal and say that it was the one? It can be hard to choose one meal out of potentially thousands, and with chicken and rice it can be particularly difficult.

1. Versatility
2. What is a basic chicken and rice recipe?
3. Cooking Styles
4. Flavors from around the world
5. Taking it easy
6. Using your stove top
7. Oils make a difference
8. Whole chicken or chicken breast?
9. What makes a chicken rice recipe easy?
10. A recipe for chicken and rice for every occasion.


The great thing about both chicken and rice is that neither has a strong dominating flavor. Both foods make great carriers for other flavors. Want a spicy meal? Just add some spice. Want a hint of citrus? Add some lemon. Because of this, you can use them as the basis of some delicious meals and an amazing chicken and rice recipe is just a few steps away.

Chicken is also very adaptable as far as cooking methods go. You can roast it, grill it, broil it, fry it, bake it – almost any cooking method you can think of can be applied to chicken. With such versatility in flavor and cooking methods, the possibilities are virtually endless.

What is a basic chicken and rice recipe?

The most straightforward method just involves cooking the chicken and serving it on a plate next to some boiled white rice. What it lacks in flavor is made up for by the simplicity and speed that the food can be made.

Furthermore, quick and easy chicken and rice is quite nutritious – chicken is a high protein food, relatively low in fat. Rice contains magnesium, calcium, iron, thiamine, and more, so it is a reasonably good source of minerals. More importantly, rice is a carbohydrate, and so can be used by your body as fuel.

While lacking in vitamins, it’s a higher quality source of carbohydrates than potatoes, as rice often averages lower on the Glycemic Index. This means it has less of an effect on your blood sugar levels after consumption, which is optimal for the energy-use of your body and is also a consideration if you are affected by any diseases that are connected to the regulation of blood sugar, for example diabetes. So even a basic chicken and rice recipe can be used as part of a healthy diet.

basic chicken and rice recipe

Many fitness professionals eat chicken and rice regularly as part of their fitness plan such as Usain Bolt, though we don’t recommend chicken nuggets unless your burning 5,500 calories a day like Bolt. Due to the high protein and clean carbohydrates, it helps to build muscle. Protein is the building block of muscle fibers, and carbohydrates are the energy source used to power the building process. While eating this way won’t necessarily make you look like a bodybuilder, it can certainly help with improving your diet and bodily function.

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Easy & Good Rice Cooker Recipes

Cooking styles

Some of the easier ways to cook chicken are baking and boiling. Baked chicken and rice recipes can often be put together, placed in the oven, cooked, taken out, and eaten. It sounds logical and simple, but not all recipes are that straightforward, so depending on your expertise and the amount of time you have available, simplicity may be to your advantage – especially if you are looking for baked chicken and rice recipes for dinner and have more than just yourself to feed.

chicken and rice recipe

A boiled chicken and rice recipe can be just as simple, with just a pan of water involved. Of course, this can be modified depending on what equipment you have available. Sous-vide chicken could be considered to be boiled chicken, but is prepared in quite a different fashion, and can have a very different texture. A good chicken and rice recipe will always tell you how to prepare the chicken properly and inform you of the best way to cook the chicken.

Flavors from around the world

Other cooking methods can borrow elements from around the world. Chinese-style and Indian-style recipes are perfect for the combination of chicken and rice, often with the two foods mixed together in one bowl.

boiled chicken and rice recipeThe best chicken rice recipe you might find could be something along the lines of Hainanese chicken rice, a meal originating from southern China. And of course, you’ve probably heard of (and eaten) egg fried rice, which is essentially fried rice with egg in it – but did you know that chicken fried rice is also a well-known dish? A chicken fried rice recipe can leave you feeling full, as well as leaving you delighted by the flavor. A simple chicken rice recipe can just be literally chicken and rice with some seasoning, so it is very easy to get started.

The more you broaden your horizons and look to cultures around the world, the more options you will have to find a recipe for chicken and rice that fires your imagination. Chickens are found worldwide, and play a part in most cuisines – American, Asian, African, French, Italian, and so on. And once you develop a passion for exploring the world with your taste buds, you’ll be hungry for more.

Taking it easy

Chicken and rice soup recipes can be exotic in nature (again, the worldwide variations are delicious), but they can also be found much closer to home. A simple soup with chicken breast, rice, and a few vegetables served in a bowl can be an easy chicken and rice recipe to get started with and isn’t even remotely exotic.

A southern chicken and rice recipe can be a variation on a boiled chicken and rice recipe, or even a chicken fried rice recipe. In fact, if left to reduce for long enough, it can even be similar to chicken and rice soup recipes, depending on the exact ingredients. Your first thought when considering a southern chicken and rice recipe might be that it will be akin to something you would find at a fast food place, but there usually isn’t a coating involved, so southern recipes can be healthy chicken and rice recipes too. It’s just a matter of choosing your meals wisely.

Chicken and rice casserole recipes usually involve baking, and so can also be very easy. A little preparation to get started, pop it in the oven, and you’ll soon have a delicious meal. Many casseroles are made in the southern style and are often considered comfort food. What could be better than a good chicken and rice recipe that was easy to prepare and made you happy to eat it?

Similarly, a chicken rice bake recipe can be made in just the same way – some preparation, then just an amount of time baking. However, not every chicken rice bake recipe will produce a casserole, for there are many different options as you would expect with the versatility of the ingredients. Here’s some tips on cooling foods.

Using your stove top

Another easy way to make a meal is to use a stove top chicken and rice recipe. Of course, soup can be made on a stove top, but so can many other variations on the theme. Stove top cooking usually involves a combination of frying and boiling, with various spices and seasoning to obtain the different flavors.

A stove top chicken and rice recipe will often call for the chicken meat to be seared in a pan first, sealing in the flavor of the meat and keeping it nice and juicy. This process adds texture and flavor to the dish and can lead to a crisp outer on the meat.

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Oils make a difference

Different oils will impart different flavors, even when just used for searing, so dramatic changes to the taste of a meal can be made with the smallest amount of effort. Some oils will suit different styles of cooking better than others, for example sesame oil is more suited to Asian cuisine than African, whereas coconut oil is more suitable for Caribbean flavors.

Vegetable oil, canola oil, and sunflower oil all have very little taste to them, so should you need to sear your meat without having the oil contribute to the flavor, choose one of these oils. Even the best chicken and rice recipe may not specify what type of oil to use, so you may like to experiment and discover which is your favorite.

Whole chicken or chicken breast?

The chicken is a versatile animal, not just in flavor and cooking methods, but also in regard to being able to use most of its body for food.

You might think the best chicken rice recipe would call for the prime meat of the chicken, the chicken breast. This is not always the case. Some recipes will call for a whole chicken, some for breast meat only, some for thigh meat, some even will just need wings.

Quick and easy chicken breast recipes will only use the breast of the chicken, which of course you can purchase separately, or take from the carcass of a whole bird. Each part of the chicken has a slightly different flavor, different fat content, and different texture. Due to the shape of the different cuts of meat, some are more suitable for different techniques than others. For example, chicken thighs are easy to stuff and bake. Chicken breast can be stuffed, but it’s a slightly harder process as the breast must be opened up to allow stuffing – the thigh will just need a bone removing and the space is already there.

Baked chicken and rice recipes for dinner can involve baking thighs or breast, but more often you will find it is the breast that is used. Chicken breast and rice recipes are the most common ones found, as the breast is the largest part of the chicken and is the easiest to handle. It’s easily to find at most stores and isn’t too expensive.

What makes a chicken rice recipe easy?

Depending on your skill level as a cook, several factors may determine if you find any particular chicken rice recipe easy or not. You might discover an amazing chicken and rice recipe but be unfamiliar with the techniques and therefore unable to cook it – what you need is an easy chicken and rice recipe, suitable for your skill level.

Chicken breast rice recipes are the best play to start, as are stove top chicken and rice recipes. The combination of an easy-to-handle meat and a limited cooking area (a pan or two) will not give you the option to make many mistakes. Working in such a contained method will allow you early successes that you can build on as your skill grows beyond chicken breast rice recipes.

Next in the order of difficulty will be chicken rice casserole recipes, which can be quite forgiving as once they are prepared you can just leave them to bake. Follow on with a chicken rice soup recipe, and you will have mastered many of the techniques you need to be successful.

A recipe for chicken and rice for every occasion

As you can see, even with limited ability, experience, and kitchen equipment, you can soon start cooking healthy chicken and rice recipes to feed yourself, your friends, and your family.

Any time there is an event that you attend that requires you to take some food along with you – a family get-together, a party, for example – you can just use your quick chicken and rice recipe and receive the plaudits for creating something that everyone loves.

Chicken and rice casserole recipes are ideal for warming you up in the winter but can also be enjoyed all year round. Any chicken rice dish recipe that you learn and can successfully repeat will be of benefit to you for the rest of your life – imagine how it will feel to make a quick and easy chicken and rice meal without having to worry about it. This chicken marsala recipe is also a great, light, and terrific dish if you need something tasty and delicious.

Get started, and get experimenting

Look at some quick and easy chicken breast recipes, and you’ll soon have your mouth watering. It’s not as hard as you might think to get started cooking chicken and rice, and with a good chicken rice dish recipe you’ll have a head start.

Experiment with flavors, textures, spices, even with serving dishes. You’ll soon be cooking like a pro, and you’ll learn what works together and what doesn’t. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Chicken and rice is a fantastic combination to cook with, to eat, to taste, and it can be beneficial to your general health and wellbeing too.

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