5 Best Men’s Clothes Brands To Hide Man Boobs & Boost Confidence

5 Best Men’s Clothes Brands To Hide Man Boobs & Boost Confidence

by James Nelson November 17, 2018

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Every guy with man boobs or gynecomastia consciously or subconsciously stays away from thin shirts that shows the shape of their breast or nipples. Wearing those thin shirts make us feel a lot more insecure and for some of us it can stop us from functioning at our peak performance, even when we are alone.

I remember my mom picking out what I would wear to school when I was little, and sometimes the shirts would be way too tight, especially near the chest area. It would leave my nipples poking out. Of course I noticed it myself because it was a little uncomfortable but I didn’t mind until other kids at school started to notice. I can’t say it was traumatic, but for some reason those school days come to the forefront of my mind once in a while.

Even today as a grown man who has mild gynecomastia, it can be frightening wearing anything that’s too tight on the chest. Subconsciously I will be constantly adjusting my shoulders, hunching my back, and checking to see if I’m “pokin’ out”.

Over the years, I have learned to stay away from very form fitting or thin shirts and I want to share with you some shirts that are great for hiding gynecomastia or man boobs. Although it won’t hide them like compression shirts but it’ll help you feel comfortable which improves your self esteem, especially in the warmer months.

What you’ll want to be looking for when buying t-shirts online are thick but soft shirts. A general rule of thumb is shirts weighing over 5 oz and made of cotton.

1. American Giant

American Giant’s shirts are all manufactured in San Francisco, California, and are very thick and soft. It started when the founder reminisced on when American t-shirts and clothes in general used to be well-made and of good material, unlike most cheap shirts coming from overseas. Just by looking at the pictures you can tell these are pretty thick t-shirts. Get the tees with pockets as well and you’ll be in business. In the military? American Giant offers a 20% discount if you are active duty, retired, or a military family member.

2. Mercer + Westwood

Mercer + Westwood, another company that manufactures in California, takes pride in their thick and soft shirts. Their shirts are made of Supima cotton, only produced in California, and the only cotton that’s monitored and verified for quality. This is why it’s a little on the pricey side, but you do really get yours money worth, especially if you’re trying to hide man boobs and gyno. Most of their t-shirts being graphic tees, also helps if you don’t mind the visuals. Also due to the quality, these will lasts a very long time if you’re concerned about the price.

3. Naked and Famous

Naked and Famous is known as one of the most famous denim brands in the world and only sells top quality apparel produced in the USA, Japan, and Canada. What I recently found out was that all their t-shirts are 10 oz! These are probably the thickest shirts you can get made from 100% cotton. Be on the look out for tee shirts on sale as these can get pretty pricy.

4. Welcome Stranger

Welcome Stranger is a really good men’s clothing brand with a lot of good styles and even sells grooming products. What’s also good is that they sell 8 oz tee shirts and polos. The clothes are all produced in the USA. Some shirts don’t have 8 oz in the title but they are all 100% and 8 oz.

5. Amazon

Yup, you read that right. If you look up 10 oz tee shirts on Amazon you’ll find a whole bunch of good quality shirts. Just make sure you get the right size.


Some Tips On Buying Tee Shirts

  1. Don’t get too form fitting ones if you’re gynecomastia is very apparent.
  2. Try to go with darker colors or neutral colors.
  3. Select shirts with pockets.

Thanks for stopping by and let us know if this helped or what kind of shirts you wear to hide man boobs or gynecomastia.

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