Protected: Gaming Backpack’s Review (2018) Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

A Gaming Backpack’s Review. Protect your gear!

If you are a Gamer then you need a gaming backpack. Also you will agree with me that we like to take care of our gear. Unless there is an Fps drop or lag that can make the things to go sideways. Fast 🙂

Below we have reviewed some of the best gaming Backpacks for your equipment.

Here’s what you can expect in this post:

  • Technical details
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Usability
  • Pros
  • Cons

Along with the facts, you might also find our opinion about a particular backpack.

Lenovo Y Gaming Armored Backpack

Armored. Mobile. Versatile.

At first glance, we couldn’t believe how practical the Lenovo Y Gaming backpack is. Along with its sleek look, it has almost limitless storage potential.

The Y logo fits perfectly in that armored looking front side. It looks really awesome at night. The contrast of red and black theme suits the overall design.

Here’s what you need to know:

Technical Details:



  • Distributed weight: No matter what you carry, it reduces the strain on your back and shoulders
  • Has a supportive Chest buckle
  • Padded Shoulder straps.
  • Compression-Molded Back Panel, Designed for better comfort, and airflow ventilation.


  • Three Major Compartments
  • 16 Pockets
  • Can fit up to 17 inches laptop’s
  • Water-proof
  • Laptop padding
  • Strap for Headphones


Pros Cons

  • Well Built. Protects your equipment
  • Front Tough Shell
  • Very comfortable
  • Water-Proof
  • Very Decent Price

  • Bottom needs extra padding
  • Shoulder straps could be wider.
  • Zippers can be of better quality


The Lenovo Y Armored Gaming Backpack simply offers huge Value for the Money. So if you are looking for a decent deal for a gaming backpack, you should definitely consider this.

Acer Predator Gaming Rolltop Backpack 15.6”

Looks can be deceiving, but this Predator Backpack is designed for an adventurous gaming experience. It means it is fully water repellent with a very high-quality build.

The front is covered with military grade coating – to protect you from rain and mud if you planning on going to road trips.

One of the main features is its flexibility. A wide opening top and roll-up design can extend for storing up to 35.5L.

This is great if you have an active lifestyle, and you are up for an adventure. You won’t need two different kinds of backpacks.

The interior is scratch proof, very practical with thick paddings. An Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop fits perfectly in the dedicated laptop compartment.

The Acer Predator Gaming Backpack is very comfortable to wear, with a ventilated back panel and softly padded shoulder straps.


Technical Details:



  • Back Panel – ventilated
  • Adjustable and wide shoulder straps – soft padded.
  • Chest Buckle in case you have extra weight


  • Water-proof down to its zippers.
  • Fits up to 15.6 inches laptops
  • Roll-Up Flexibility for easy and extra storage. Up to 35.5L
  • Dedicated Compartments
  • Thick padding with scratch-proof interior
Pros Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Reinforced and fully water-repellent exterior
  • Backpack rol-up feature
  • Excellent padding everywhere
  • Very durable
  • Lots of storage

  • :acks extra padding on the bottom
  • Bit pricey


The Acer Predator Gaming Rolltop Backpack has a beautiful design. It is very durable, water and tear resistant. Offers great protection for your equipment. We highly recommend it.

FreeBiz 18.4 Inches Laptop Backpack

I think you will agree with me when i say:

It is hard to find a decent backpack for a big gaming laptop.

Well, here it is. The FreeBiz 18.4 Inches Laptop backpack is offering huge value for the money. It is built with the same quality material that is used for military flak jackets. It is durable, with water-resistant materials and can fit almost any gaming laptop you have.

Has plenty of room inside for any kind of gadgets you want to carry. They are protected too!


Let’s get started:

Technical Details:



  • Airflow Back Panel, designed for maximum comfort
  • Comfortable shoulder straps – adjustable.
  • Chest strap


  • It’s huge, fits up to 18.4 inches laptops
  • Plenty of good size Pockets
  • Divider
  • Thick padding
  • 3 Major compartments, up to their standards
Pros Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant Materials
  • 1680D ballistic nylon, the same material used by Military Flak jackets
  • Lots of storage
  • Value for the money

  • It is Big, but not oversized
  • The waist belt is not comfortable
  • Shoulder straps need extra stitching

Dell Alienware Vindicator 2.0 Backpack

Amazing looking armored gear. If you are a fan of Alienware you gotta love these designs.

The Dell Alienware Vindicator 2.0 Backpack comes in three different sizes. It can fit gaming screens from 13 to 17 inches.

It has resilient, high-density nylon and all-around protection to face any outside conditions.


Technical Details:


  • Molded Back Panel for extra comfort – ventilated
  • Distributed Weight Ratio
  • Non-Slip shoulder padding
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Chest Buckle


  • Weather Resistant
  • Fits up to 17.4 inches laptops, depends on the model
  • Dedicated, padded compartments for Laptop, tablet, with extra protection from bumps
  • Thick padding with scratch-proof interior
  • Power Adapter Accessory pouch
Pros Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Very durable and armor like exterior with extra protection
  • excellent padding in the interior
  • Lots of storage and pockets

  • Heavy
  • Large
  • Lacks some finishing details for the price and the brand you pay

Dell Gaming Backpack 15

On the list, we have another armored looking gaming backpack. Offers comfort to yourself and security to your equipment.

Made by Dell, well built with affordable price. It has sleek look and design.


Here is what you need to know:

Technical Details:



  • Breathable air mesh back padding
  • Adjustable air mesh straps
  • Chest Buckle in case you have extra weight


  • Durable, weather-resistant materials.
  • Fits up to 15.6 inches laptops
  • Headphone Strap
  • Dedicated, padded Compartments
  • Simply organizational with enough of pockets for its size
  • Has Rain Cover
Pros Cons

  • Lightweight and Durable
  • The interior contrast makes equipment to be found easier.
  • Rain Cover
  • Lots of storage, designed for practicality
  • Affordable

  • Lacks extra padding on the shoulder straps
  • Shoulder straps could be wider

Mobile Edge Alienware Orion ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly 17.3-Inch Backpack

If you travel a lot, we would definitely recommend one of the ScanFast checkpoint friendly designs. This is because you can show your laptop, gear without taking them from your backpack.

This Alienware Backpack can fit up to 17.3 inch laptops. Comes with a lifetime warranty and has a very practical interior. All of the equipment inside is very well protected and has its own slot.

You can fit almost anything inside.


Technical Details:



  • Ergonomic backing
  • Wide shoulder straps


  • Fits up to 17.3 inches laptops
  • Checkpoint Friendly Design, Faster screening at Airport checkpoints.
  • Dedicated Compartments for almost everything
  • Heavy padding
  • Hand Carry – Handle loop
  • 10 pockets in the second compartment
  • Big Zippers
Pros Cons

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Reinforced and fully water-repellent exterior
  • Backpack roll-up feature.
  • Excellent padding everywhere
  • Very Durable
  • Lots of storage
  • Very good customer service
  • High-Quality Zippers

  • Big
  • Bulky

ASUS Republic of Gamers Shuttle Backpack for 17″

If you own a Republic of Gamers hardware, then you must own this piece of gaming apparel. Because it is an awesome companion to keep your Gaming laptop and rest of the gear safe.

It has that RoG look and feel, and the built quality isn’t bad at all. Fits all G-Series Laptops, 17 inches too!


Technical Details:



  • Soft-padded ergonomic backpanel
  • Soft-padded shoulder straps


  • Dedicated Smartphone Rear Compartment
  • Secret Compartment
  • Fits up to 17 inches gaming laptops
  • Padded Interior
  • Water Resistant Materials – This doesn’t mean its water-proof!
  • Dedicated Compartment for Laptop
Pros Cons

  • Excellent padding everywhere
  • Very durable
  • Lots of storage
  • Secret Pocket
  • Smartphone Compartment

  • Zippers aren’t the best
  • More expensive than your average gaming backpack


With this we finish the list of gaming backpack’s for review.


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