IS Gynecomastia Surgery Right For Me? Gynecomastia Surgery Cost, Treatment, Before & After Pics, Recovery & More.

IS Gynecomastia Surgery Right For Me? Gynecomastia Surgery Cost, Treatment, Before & After Pics, Recovery & More.

by James Nelson January 26, 2019

So you’re fed up with gynecomastia & tired of being embarrassed. You desire to stop being self-conscious & be the confident person you were meant to be. For some it’s more than a desire, but a dream come true.


According to the NIH, more than half of men will have gynecomastia in their lifetime.


The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported in 2015, that 40% of breast reduction surgeries were actually man boob reductions. Yup, men.


Men are steadily becoming more conscious & aware of their appearance as a whole. It might be due to our increasing superficial way of life. We’re bombarded with other people’s “perfect” lifestyles, bodies, & cars on a daily basis. The fact is that self-esteem is strongly affected by men’s appearances.


If you’re not sure if you have chest fat or gynecomastia, mild gynecomastia, hereditary gynecomastia, or just loose skin, check out my gentleman’s guide to gynecomastia here.


The stigma around cosmetic surgery is steadily going away. It’s almost non-existent in Asian countries like South Korea where it’s completely normal for males to get cosmetic surgery. There’s literally advertisements from clinics in subways saying you’re life will suck if you’re not pretty, with attractive models alongside. It’s also normal for teenage girls to get plastic surgery as a graduation gift from their parents.


In countries like Korea, a massive amount of men & women opt for plastic surgery, not just for self-esteem, but to compete in the job market, as appearance is one of the most important things for many hiring companies.


The western world is steadily catching up when it comes to male cosmetic surgery. Gynecomastia treatment is actually the 4th most performed cosmetic surgery done by men.


Surgeons who perform gynecomastia surgery in the U.S. say that their male patients love the results and their new founded confidence.


If you go on Reddit and look at gynecomastia surgery testimonials, you’ll see users saying “best decision of my life”, “I can finally lose my virginity”, “I can actually stand up straight”, “I went into debt to do surgery but it was totally worth it”.


As gynecomastia surgery is getting more popular and a once-and-for-all way to end gynecomastia, there’s some things you will need to know.


The average cost of gynecomastia surgery is $3,641 according to the American society of Plastic Surgeons.  It can be more or less depending on location & experience. Reddit user ‘cagwac’ posted “I ended up paying $6k for all expenses – surgeon’s fee, hospital booking, anesthesia, compression vest and all follow up visits”.


The results may not be what you want. A few people actually regret gynecomastia removal, if you look on forums or places like Reddit. This can be due to an appearance of “symmetrical unevenness”, or an unnatural appearance after gynecomastia surgery and recovery. It can also be that the surgeon was not experienced.


Some people who are overweight receive the surgery and it can look odd after. This is why I recommend cutting down to a lower bodyweight first and then having gyn surgery done.


Click here to see my “m bs Workout Plan”. This workout plan was copied from a certain celebrity and modified for those who want to achieve their ideal body and reduce their man breasts. And no, it’s not to get huge and guzzle down workout supplements. It’s a great plan if you have gynecomastia or not.


Others also try to get the surgery on the cheap by going to clinics in Thailand or India. Beware that some clinics get a lot of bad reviews when it comes to gynecomastia surgery, so do some due diligence if that’s the route you want to take.


Other than that, there’s many countries with highly skilled surgeons with affordable costs. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons says that in 2012, over 50,000 people traveled to other countries for gynecomastia surgery, as the operation is cheaper, even if you include the round trip plane tickets.


Gynecomastia Surgery & Recovery


For a certain time before your operation, you will have to avoid drinking, smoking, tanning, using certain medications, etc…


Be prepared to take time off of work as well. It can take some time to recover. You’ll have to wear a compression vest & you won’t be able to lift anything over 10 pounds. You’ll have to do a number of follow up visits as well.


Reddit user ‘cogwac’ talks about reaction from his post-op pictures, “Some people tell me that it was barely noticeable and “that wasn’t necessary at all” but they don’t realize that I didn’t do it for them. I did it for myself and it was worth it, for me.”


According to, these are the best countries to go and get gynecomastia surgery:


  1. India – Costs about $2,400 and has a number of reputable hospitals.
  2. Poland – Known for affordable treatment. Costs around $1,700 or less for gynecomastia surgery
  3. Turkey – Popular place for gyno surgery due to low costs.
  4. Thailand – A lot of reputable and accredited, state of the art hospitals with costs around $2,600 for male breast reduction/gyno surgery. Getting around is also pretty cheap and great tourist destination.
  5. Malaysia – Top surgeons and accredited hospitals can be found with gyno surgery for around $2,000.


Most surgeons abroad at accredited hospitals have been educated and have practiced in western countries, & they are just as skilled.


Just make sure to go to an accredited hospital for the best quality.


If you’re wondering if male breast reduction (gynecomastia surgery) is safe to get overseas, the answer is yes.


It’s just as safe as if you were to get it in your home country. Gynecomastia surgery involves removal of breast tissue and there is almost no chance of complications.

How do I get the best gynecomastia surgeon for my situation?


Obviously, you’ll have to make sure the surgeon is certified and is experienced. You’ll also have to gauge how comfortable you’ll be with the surgeon.


Will I get scars after doing gynecomastia surgery?


Due to the not so invasive nature of gyno surgery, any scars you get will eventually become virtually invisible. This is if you follow your doctors’ instructions on proper care.


You’ll have to be on a nutritious diet, protect your scars from the sun, & stay away from too much physical activity.


What do doctors recommend as alternatives to gynecomastia surgery? Here’s some gynecomastia non-surgical treatment options:


Diet & Exercise – It’s highly recommended by all doctors, even if you don’t plan on getting gyno surgery. The only drawback is when the weight comes back than the man boobs come back, so it has to be more of a lifestyle choice. Also exercise and diet reduces the appearance of gynecomastia but can’t get rid of the actual tissue.


Creams or supplements – There are creams and supplements you can take like Gynectrol, that work. Natural gynecomastia treatment can work and is obviously painless. Just know that it’s not a permanent fix and you have to be aware of side effects.

Gynecomastia Vests (Compression Vests) – These are vest that you can wear under your shirts to hide chest fat & gynecomastia. It’s one of the most popular alternatives or temporary fixes to getting surgery.


The only way to get rid of man breasts or gynecomastia is through gynecomastia removal, or liposuction for gynecomastia.

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