Herschel Backpack Review

Herschel Backpack Review

Of course, you must have seen a lot of people who wear these super-cool and stylish backpacks. They’re amazing and frankly, they are Herschel’s most popular backpacks. You can wear them at all times, they are compact and durable. Also, there are various reasons why a person would be intrigued by all of this. Keep on reading our Herschel backpack review to find out more about them and to learn why they might be the perfect choice for you. And you’ll also see why Herschel are on our list of best backpack brands.

herschel backpack review


We couldn’t help but start our Herschel backpack review without mentioning the stylishness of this backpack. Of course, it draws inspiration from the standard mountaineering backpacks. However, it has vintage details which makes the design unique and fun. Moreover, although the straps look like they are hard to use, the eyes lie in this situation. This is because they don’t need any unbuckling because they work on strong metal magnets. These magnets are under the flaps and it is not hard to open or close the bag at your wishes.

herschel backpack

First impressions

Although it might look like it isn’t user-friendly, the reality is just the opposite. Namely, you won’t need to unzip the main compartment. There is a drawstring closure which basically means that you can take things out quickly and easily. Still, when it is closed, it ensures that the things in the bag stay in their place and nothing falls out.


The loyal users of All Little America backpacks know that these awesome backpacks are made from thick nylon. This makes them extremely easy to clean and they are highly durable. Also, the life of each bag can be expanded by simply using a special coating. Regarding the bag itself, the base is heavily padded and this makes it stable and it improves your sitting posture. Also, if you throw it on harder surfaces, the items inside would be protected because of this padding.

Why size is important

There is a great volume of 23.5-litre, which means that it is tall and spacious. We’d have to admit, if you are short enough, you might find other backpacks like the 17-liter Mid-Volume Herschel Little America more suitable for your needs. This type has the same design with a smaller laptop container.  If you want to get the mid-size you should take into consideration that you can wear a 13-inch laptop. Also, a 15-inch laptop would fit nicely but will have an inch above the top, exposed. Roughly said, if you are under 5 foot and 7 inches, you should consider a smaller size.


The features are minimalistic as Herschel Little America backpacks are all about the essentials. Also, there is a single external pocket at the bottom of it. It is made for those who like their essentials and regularly used items accessed easily, like a wallet or a phone. Additionally, there is a clip inside the pocket which allows attaching keys and being able to find them easily. However, there aren’t any compartments for water bottles. Still, the inside is spacious enough and it compensates for the lack of bottle compartments.


Yes, this is the main thing that you can notice on the backpack, and it is what we must mention in our Herschel backpack review. There is an abundance of space in them. You can pack almost anything in the huge main compartment. Also, there are a few pouches on the inside which are meant to help you when you carry electronic devices like laptops or tablets.

herschel heritage backpack

There is a fleece-lined sleeve on the inside of the bag which can fit up to a 15-inch laptop. This is how your laptop will be protected from damages and scratches. There is a lining which gives the feeling like a faux-fur blanket would, it is soft and cozy. Additionally, on the side, there are two small strips which are elastic. With them in place, the laptop sleeve can be stretched and the user would be able to easily pull their laptop out. We would have to admit, the section isn’t very snug. You wouldn’t face problems when you are walking around, but a laptop would move slightly if you jog or run.

Moreover, there are two device pockets on the top of the bag. They can be used for a lot of things, for example, an iPod or a camera. Regarding this, we have to mention the great feature of the rubber grommet on the side. It lets you attach and feed earphones through and you can have the device safely inside the backpack.

Using it for school or university

Of course, the Herschel Little America backpack is a great bag for both.  It is comfortable to wear and anyone can safely pack their school essentials. Aside from the space for a laptop, notebooks and textbooks and pencil case, it offers a lot more. You would be able to fit a lunchbox which is medium-sized and a water bottle. Also, fitting a jumper or an additional piece of clothing wouldn’t be a problem.

Using it for work

When it comes to professional surrounding with special things you need to carry, we’d strongly advise you to compare the size options. It is true that a larger bag is a great choice because of all the space, but it might be too large and bulky for a working environment. On the other hand, if you need to carry a 13-inch laptop, you would make an excellent choice by getting the mid-size one.

Using it for travel

Another amazing thing we must mention in our Herschel backpack review is the fact that it is a great holiday companion. It is the right choice for an overnight bag as well as it is as plane luggage. It will fit everything you need it to. You will be able to carry your essentials and you will be sure that your bag is not going to disappoint you.


It is no joke that this one is probably one of the best Herschel bags. It is well-designed and looks fantastic, it is super-easy to use and has a lot of space. Whatever you are looking for, the Herschel will end up on your shortlist as one of the best choices. This is definitely a backpack that will not exceed your expectations!

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