32 Easy Ways To Make Money Fast in 2019 [$100 per Day Average]

We get it. You’ve almost spent your budget and it’s not even close to payday yet. You’re thinking of ways to make money fast.

Finally you’ve arrived to right page on the internet. Not bragging. It’s just the truth.

If you’re short on rent money, or just looking for ways to earn some more spending money, we all could use some simple ways to make money fast (preferably something doable right now).

If you want to learn how to make $100 in one day or even $200, there should be at least a few options on this list that you can accomplish.

If you’re in debt and need over a thousand dollars, this list probably won’t cut it for you. But if you believe $100 to $200 is something you could definitely use than you can do this.

I repeat, you can do this.

The Best Ways To Make Money Fast

The hands-down best strategy to making money fast is doing the quick earners first. Here’s some ideas to get started with:

1. Paid Surveys

Sites such as Survey Junkie pays you a good amount of change for tasks you could do half asleep. If you know anything about market research, companies want to know absolutely everything about what consumers desire. The best way to do that is by paying potential consumers (you and even your grandma) to take surveys. A lot of surveys pay between 50 cents to $1.25 and most take less than 5 minutes to finish.

There are new surveys from Survey Junkie every day, which means more money to make. If you find this super fascinating like me then check out this list of the most recommended survey sites.

2. Become a Personal Grocery Shopper (Instacart)

Heard of Instacart lately? It’s a service for people who don’t have the time or energy to go to grocery stores. What does it mean when people don’t want to buy groceries? You can get paid to do it for them and make extra money for yourself.

It’s similar to Uber Eats where whenever you want to make money, you just check into the app and let it know that you’re available to work.

When being a personal grocery shopper on Instacart, you will actually be going to grocery stores and do the shopping yourself (watch those eggs!). How much you earn is based on several things like the size of orders and the miles you had to drive. People can also pay tips on top of the payment from Instacart. A lot of people report an earnings rate of about $15 an hour.

3. Become a Lyft Driver & Get $300 Free

Do you have time on your hands and live in a somewhat urban place? Becoming a Lyft driver is one of the most lucrative hustles that are available. You can make money fast and as of this moment, there’s a promo where new drivers will immediately receive a $300 bonus after the 100th ride completed. If you get started now and “Lyft” on your free time, you’ll probably get that bonus in a few weeks of driving. And this is on top of your regular earnings.

4. Download This App and Get $50

Ever heard of Nielsen before? Yeah the billion dollar company that does TV ratings. They don’t only collect data on TV. They are super interested in how people use the internet.

What does this mean for you? Nielsen will literally pay you $50 a year to have their app on your internet surfing device. The app collects data on your internet usage, and it’s all anonymous so you don’t have to worry about privacy. The sweetest part is that the app doesn’t slow down your phone or take up your storage space.

5. Connect Your Card To DOSH & Receive $5 For Free, Right Away

If you haven’t heard of the DOSH cash back app, it’s been getting a lot of buzz recently. There’s a good reason too: they’re giving away free money to acquire more users.

How does it work?

  • Get the app on your phone, and link your credit and debt cards (bank encryption technology keeps it all safe)
  • Stack the ‘cash back’
  • Deposit all cash back into your account

Benefits of DOSH:

  • The rewards are all cash
  • You receive $5 for each card you connect to the app. $10 received for any person you refer to the app. So get your family and friends to download the app and you’ll be making money quick.

6. Use Trim To Negotiate Your Bills (Say What!?)

Trim is a hugely popular app because it’s simple and super effective. Trim is basically your own personal financial assistant. After connecting your bank to the app (easy stuff) Trim looks at your subscriptions, stuff you buy, negotiates your bills, finds better automobile insurance, and more. Yup, the app is free. From my experience it doesn’t even take a week to make you at least $100.

7. Download Acorns, Receive $5 To Invest in Acorns

The #1 and growing investing app right now is Acorns. It’s pretty simple too. It helps you put money in investments that will keep growing. If you’re kind of weary of investing or have never done it before, this is an awesome app to get started with.

What Acorns does is “rounds up” spare change from things you purchase everyday, and invests the difference into stocks. Sounds pretty cool already right? Let’s say you buy an energy bar for $1.62, Acorns puts 38 cents into your investments (you pay $2 total). After a while, these small investments will stack up quick.

Acorns also offers a $5 bonus for signing up (at the moment). Right after you register, Acorns deposits $5, FREE, into your account.

8. Cryptocurrency (Risky)

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve most likely heard of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. You can get a piece of the pie by downloading the Coinbase app. If you sign up  using this link, and invest $100, You’ll get $10 from Coinbase into your account. That’s a 10% return automatically!

But remember: Trading in cryptocurrency can be pretty risky. Do not invest more than you can afford. With that aside, obviously you can make a lot of money very quick if you buy low and sell high.

9. Find Out if Stores Owe You Money

Paribus is the free app that’s helps you get money back from your purchases online.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Download the app
  • Paribus will analyze your e-mail for receipts
  • If it discovers that something you purchased dropped in price, Paribus will get you a refund for the difference.

Sounds too easy? Sign up with Paribus here.

10. Get Paid To Walk Dogs In Your Area

Rover is a website that is constantly looking for dog walkers (qualified walkers) in urban areas all over the U.S. When you take your own dog on a walk, you can now take another dog or more along, and earn money walking. For 30 minute walks you’ll get paid $10-30. This can add up quick when you have several dogs that need walking in the neighborhood. All it takes is this short application to get started.

11. Make Money With Uber and/or Lyft

If you have some extra time and need to make extra cash on the weekends, start driving with Uber. You have the ability to make your own schedule and drive when you want. This means you have the potential to make money fast, and you make your own schedule. Not too shabby!

Money Making Tip: Sign up on Uber & Lyft, then you can compare the fares and make even more money.

12. Make Money Off Your Car Instead

Don’t have the time for Uber or Lyft? You can still make money off you car with Getaround.

If you’re a car owner, you can earn over $5 an hour from letting someone borrow you car. Getaround’s covers you with $1,000,000 insurance coverage, so no worrying about potential damages to your car.

Sign up today for a free 30-day trial using Getaround and test out the money making app. Give your car a name, set up your availability, description, and place of pick up.

So when someone is looking to rent your vehicle, they can do it right off the app. No worrying about meeting them to give keys, or managing the logistics of things. Just work, eat, sleep, and enjoy your life while your car earns money for you.

All car owners receive payment on the 15th for the previous month’s earnings. Sign up here to get started.

13. Become an Airbnb Host By Renting Out Space

Make money off spare space in your home by listing it for short time rentals on Airbnb. If you can be a great Airbnb host to your guests, you have a fantastic way to make money fast. Creating a great experience for your guests will get you good reviews and repeat guests.

14. Get Paid By Uber Eats To Deliver Food

A lot of people are delivering food these days using Uber Eats. Why? It’s an easy way to earn money and it’s flexible since it’s on your schedule. You can deliver in the day or night, for as long as you like. Just get on the app, and start getting delivery requests locally.

15. Make $100 Quick with Listverse

Is writing something you just love to do? Popular site, Listverse, will pay you $100 to write your own “listicle”. They’re not looking for writing experts, just people who speak native English, some sense of humor, and a knack for interesting or eccentric things.

16. Sign Up to Swagbucks, Get $5

Swag bucks is another hugely popular survey site to help you make money fast. It’s almost like Survey Junkie but includes some other ways to earn money (also including $5 just for signing up)

Ways to earn with Swagbucks beyond surveys:

  • Cash back for shopping on the internet (with the $5 bonus)
  • Get paid to make web searches (with the $5 bonus)
  • Stream videos (with the $5 bonus)

Five Ways to Make Money Passively

After you eventually get some money in your pocket, have your cash grow by itself with these ways to passively earn more money.

17. Open Your High-Yield Savings Bank Account

Nope, we’re not playing around. CIT Bank is making huge strides in the banking sector with their savings accounts. Trust us, it’s legit and worth it.

It’s a 2.25% APY and requires a $100 deposit to open one. If you can do that, transferring your balance to a CIT Bank Savings Builder Account will be one of the most intelligent decisions you make this year, and your money will thank you. You’ll find that CIT Bank has received five stars from Bankrate and Nerd Wallet.

18. P2P Lending

Heard of peer-to-peer lending? It helps you find people willing to fund your loan. If you are the investor (loan-funder) you essentially become a bank on paper, which sounds cool as well. Services such as Lending Club are neat and smart ways to become a lender and receive interest for your money.

How To Make Money (using Lending Club)

1.       First, open an account which only requires a $0.01 min. deposit.

2.       Build your portfolio simple and fast. You can start investing in loans as small as $25.

3.       Get your monthly payments as your borrowers will be repaying the loans.

4.       Reinvest payments!

Still don’t get how it works? Check out this short video by Lending Club explaining the ins and outs of peer to peer lending.

19. Begin Investing in Real Estate (Only $500 to Get Started)

Have you been itching to get into real estate but don’t want to actually do the whole landlord thing? You probably want to check out Fundrise.

With Fundrise, you can directly invest into actual real estate online. Your portfolio is managed by a team of experts for you. It only takes a beginning investment for as little as $500. You’ll be shown all kinds of real money-making assets.

20. Create A Blog

Blogging is my personal favorite. As long as you have some knowledge of things, and wanting to help people, blogging can be a good side-hustle which can turn into a full on career or business.

It takes time to create an established revenue producing blog but it’s absolutely worth it. The first step is creating a blog which can be done in under 30 minutes (no technical expertise required!)

Also check out my guide on how to make six figures a year blogging with no SEO.

21. Purchase Dividend Paying Stocks

They say a lot of millionaires have at least 7 streams of revenue. At least one of them are dividend stocks.

So What Are They?

They’re similar to regular stocks but with one difference: Every share of dividend stock you have, you get paid a little percentage of the business’s earnings. So you pretty much get paid for having the stock!

If you’re interested and want to get your feet more than wet, visit Ally Invest (one of the best rated apps for investing).

Ways To Make Money Fast That Are Seriously Worth Mentioning

Thanks for reading this far, and that means you’re serious about this. Here’s some more waysto make money fast.

22. Vindale Research Will Give you $1

Give Vindale Research some basic info about yourself so they can give you surveys that you’d be interesting in taking.

Here’s the cool part. You can get paid up to $50 for one survey. You also get $1 if you just sign up. It’s worth checking in everyday to see which surveys you can take. You get paid through Paypal.

23. Get your $10 from Ebates

The #1 cash back app at the moment is Ebates. It’s a lot like DOSH, and at the moment you get $10 just for signing up.

Nobody said you can’t have more than one cash back app, so sign up for another so you can get the bonuses. Then use whichever app gets you more money for purchases. Pretty easy right?

24. Let 3 Friends In On Ibotta and Pocket $100

Thanks to the super competitive cash back industry, these new apps are fighting over new users. This is a good way to stack up all those sign up bonuses.

By signing up for the Ibotta app, you get $10 as a welcome. Ibotta is a cash back app for grocery stores.

Pro tip: Refer 3 new people and you’ll be paid $100. After that it’s $10 for every new referral.

25. Use Your Writing Skills To Make Extra Money Freelancing

Like the idea of people paying you to write? Try out freelancing as a writer.

A lot of blog and website owners will drop a lot of money for some good writing. A lot of times the work is considered good if the writers just follow directions (from my personal experience hiring). Holly over at ClubThrifty.com earns well over $200,000 a year just from freelancing. She’s also made her own course to help other people to make a living with freelancing.

26. Make Money By Fixing People’s Mistakes

Don’t consider yourself a strong writer? Then maybe you’re as good as Caitlin Pyle at proofreading.

Caitlin earned more than $43k as a proofreader, freelancing part time. After having huge and consistent success, Caitlin now provides a course on how to do what she does. The course is called Proofread Anywhere.

Sign up for her free workshop to find out how to make money fast from home by proofreading.

27. Let JOANY Pay You $25

JOANY was created to assist people in finding better health insurance plans, negotiate bills, and find doctors.

At the moment they’re doing research to get important feedback from people on their own health insurance experiences. Those who take the survey (less than 50 questions) will be compensated $25.

This is probably the most simple way to make money so far.

You’ll get paid $25 if you take the survey and meet these qualifications:

1.       You acquired insurance from the state, Healthcare.gov, broker or directly from a plan.

2.       Your employer doesn’t give you health insurance.

3.       You’re currently not in a short-term plan

4.       You have the health insurance active

5.       You don’t have VA insurance, Medicare or Medicaid

6.       You don’t get insurance from a university

7.       You have not previously taken the survey with your current provider.

A lot of the questions are pretty easy, and your answers are kept confidential, under federal law.

Get Paid More At Your Current Job

One thing that’s worth trying out is to get more money from your main job!

28. Obvious But Effective – Get Promoted

Prove to your employer that you are promotable. You have to have excel at job performance and make people take notice. In a job where there’s no opportunity to get promoted? Change jobs to somewhere you can.

29. Ask For a Pay Raise

This is actually more difficult than receiving a promotion. If you were your boss, would you pay an employee more for doing the same thing or pay them for additional duties and responsibilities?

In a lot of situations, a pay raise might be needed, such as working many years without any pay raises coming your way.

30. Ask for Overtime

It’s not the best way to have a work-life balance but a lot of jobs give an opportunity to work more hours. See if you can request to work overtime if you really need some fast cash.

Remember that earning more money can drastically increase your lifestyle. More money gives you more time and more choices (food, living situation, vacations, etc). When I started out, I knew many people, including friends who were real life examples of being financially free. But it took a lot of testing, failures, hardship, and sacrifice.

Try more than one idea on this list as they are all viable ways to make money. The deeper you go down the rabbit hole you’ll be presented with even more opportunities along the way.

31. Earn $39 This Year Using This App

If you are a big Amazon shopper, you can get paid by ShopTracker to look at your shopping history. All you do is connect the app to your Amazon account.

You’ll immediately receive a $3 gift card and then $3 every month forever. Your information is kept secure and confidential by trusted market research company, Harris Insights & Analytics. You might know who they are if you’ve ever heard of Harris Polls mentioned before.

ShopTracker also excludes your name, address, and any other personal info before reporting your shopping history.

32. Become A Social Media Manager

If you think your savvy with social media and businesses, why not work as a social media manager for small businesses? One client on average pays $1000-$2000 per month. And this is for a few hours a week dedicated to each client. If you had five clients than you’d be making some pretty good money. This proves there’s more than a few ways to make money with social media.

If you want to learn this lucrative skill, Liz Benny offers free webinars like: How To Become A SMM Without Knowing One Thing About Social Media.

She’s been successfully doing this for years and has appeared on media outlets such as Ellen DeGeneres, Entrepreneur, and CNN.

Check out her next free webinar here.

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