Kanken Backpack Review

Kanken Backpack Review

Fjallraven is a Scandinavian backpack production giant! With their tradition of creating backpacks, dating since 1960, they offer the best of the best in the field of backpacks. They guarantee quality and durability. Their latest models are also very modern and are very popular among campuses all around the World. If you’re searching for a daily work/school backpack then we have a product that just might fit your needs. In the Fjallraven backpack review below, we’re talking about the successor of the iconic Kanken Classic. The upgraded version, of course, we’re talking about the new and improved Kanken No.2. In the text below, we’ll talk about its specifics, features, and improvements. So with that being said, here is our Kanken backpack review, which also lets you know why Fjallraven are on our list of best backpack brands.

fjallraven backpack review

Specifics and durability

First things first. Let’s start this review with the specs of this model. The Kanken No.2 has the same dimensions as the previous classic model. Its size is 15 x 10,6 x 5,1 inches and it weighs in at 500 grams. It has a light, yet highly durable fabric. It is made from Fjallraven’s very own material called G-1000. The fabric consists of 65% waxable recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton. This fabric is highly water resistant and it’s more durable than the one that was used in the classic. In addition to that, Fjallraven uses their very own Greenland wax, and they wax the backpack twice to give it that extra water resistant and durable characteristic. Basically, this model was made and was meant to be the upgraded version of the already perfect Kanken Classic model. Using improved materials, they’ve achieved this goal.

kanken backpack review


The iconic Scandinavian design proved to be everlasting throughout the years. Classical, simple and durable. It has two leather handles on the top. The leather is top notch, nice and smooth. The stitching on the model is also nice and firm. Very sturdy and it guarantees that this backpack will last. In addition to that, the stitches also go very well with the overall design of the backpack to give it that stylish and classic look.

On the back, there are two straps sawed onto the backpack with the X form to help distribute the weight on the shoulder equally. This is the same as the previous model and it’s based on the same idea that made Kanken famous. The idea was to use the X technique to help prevent school children with back problems. It also comes in various colors, that will surely fit the needs and personality of everyone out there. Whether you like a darker design or you like to shake things up and be colorful, Kanken has it covered for you.


Like we said before, the Kanken No.2 has kept the original design and most of the features of the earlier Kanken Classic. It has one main compartment, two side compartments, and one front compartment.

The side compartments are quite simple but can be very useful in certain situations. It can be used to store items that you need to access quickly and don’t need to be zipped. For example, you can put your water bottle there so it can be in hands reach and you won’t need to open up your whole backpack just to get the bottle. It can also be used to store your umbrella.

The front compartment has a zipper and can fit a few small items that need to be zipped. For example, it can easily fit your wallet, your car and house keys, your mobile phone or your glasses case.

Main compartment

The main compartment is quite spacious. It’s has a 16L volume, closed by two zippers on the top, right beneath the leather handles. It also includes a rain flip. It’s very convenient to use on a daily basis. It has enough room to fit all your daily belongings. It can easily fit your laptop, but only if it’s no more than 15 inches. In addition to that, it can fit your books, notes, and similar work/school items. It also has space for your tech items, like your tablet, Kindle or similar things.

kanken backpack

There are also two very useful features in the main compartment. The first one is the content information tag, that can be used to personalize your backpack. It is sawed on the inside of the backpack and there is space for you to write down your name, address and phone number in case it gets lost. The other amazing feature is that it comes with a reinforced G-1000 sitting pad. Which can be found on the inside of the backpack, in the main compartment. More specifically in the inner pocket. This was not the case with the previous model, the Kanken Classic, and it can come in handy. This model is truly a perfect day-by-day companion. It’ll store all your essentials with no problem whatsoever.

Using it for your daily routines

The Kanken No.2 is a great backpack for daily usage. Whether it’s work, or school or maybe training, this model will do the job. With its big storage space, and more importantly its durability, the Kanken No.2 will soon become a vital presence in your daily routines. With enough space to store your books, notes, laptop, tablet it’s the perfect backpack for work or school. Its durability is an enormous plus, especially the fact that it can hold weight and distribute it evenly with its X form technique. The water-resistant fabric is also a perk that will come in handy on those rainy days when you need to get to class quickly.

Wrapping up the Fjallraven backpack review

It’s no secret that Fjallraven are masters of their work, and they’ve proven it once again with this amazing model. The Kanken No.2 is exactly what it was meant to be, a new improved version of the previous Classic. So if you were looking for a new backpack for work or school, then we highly recommend this model. There are many reasons, but our main ones are that the fact that it’s highly durable, it’s built to last and it’s designed to keep your back healthy. In addition to that, the previous model has proven to be a smash hit and this one is an improvement on that, so do you really need more convincing? Hope we helped you in your search and that you liked our review.


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