Mild Gynecomastia or An Underdeveloped Physique? You Won’t Know Until You Start Doing [THIS]

by James Nelson March 14, 2019

In this article I’m going to talk about a common misconception about gynecomastia and go into detail about the term “mild gynecomastia”.

It sounds pretty self explanatory right? It just means it’s a mild case of gynecomastia.

Some men have had gynecomastia since puberty and they never really “grew out” of it.

In fact, these are the main people I created this blog for and with who I relate with the most.

If you’re not sure if you have gynecomastia or not read the Gentleman’s Guide on Gynecomastia here.

What’s classified as mild gynecomastia?

Basically, if your nipples poke through shirts, that means you have some glandular tissue which is making them protrude. It’s also hard to tell if it’s just chest fat or gyno when wearing a shirt.

If you build a muscular physique and achieve low body fat, and you STILL have the protruding nipples, then you definitely have at the minimum, mild gynecomastia.

Can I take pills like Gynexin to reduce the appearance?

People think pills like Gynexin are a magic fix for man boobs as that’s what they market their product as, however that’s not how it works.

Gynexin is actually a generic fat burner and only really works as long as you’re on an exercise regime & proper diet. I don’t recommend it if you think taking pills will spot reduce your moobs/gyno while you fucking sit around all day.

One supplement I’ve heard many good things about is Gynectrol, which is a more serious product. It’s all natural and used by professional body builders. They have a slightly different philosophy than me when it comes to weight training but besides that, it actually works.

Does lifting weights and getting a muscular physique help at all?

There’s two schools of thought when it comes to this topic. One is that you can alter the shape of your chest, in effort to mask the appearance of gynecomastia. And if that doesn’t work you go and get gynecomastia removal surgery.

The second is that weight training makes the appearance of mild gynecomastia even worse, spend your money on surgery instead, and keep your Justin Bieber physique.

In my opinion, lifting weights as a lifestyle is hands down the best option. It’s also common knowledge that weight training has a plethora of benefits.

If you have true gynecomastia and not pseudo-gynecomastia, then weight training still helps.

It’s the way you train that matters

So let’s say you take my wonderful advice to heart and start lifting weights. Here’s some things to know.

Don’t just workout your chest! You will be full of regret and guaranteed to look fucking retarded.

Take your index finger and thumb, and squeeze the breast fat behind your nipple. If you don’t feel any bump and your index and thumb can touch, it might not be true gyno.

You might just have a fat and unsculpted lower chest. I say “maybe” because I cant physically see it, and I’m not a doctor.

Everyone’s body is different and some guys just get unlucky. Fortunately you might be able to sculpt it with weights and good nutrition.

Advice you will hear from some people including me, is to build your upper pecs so eventually you’re nipples point downwards.

However, if your lower pec (where the fat is) is loose and flubbery, you might have to do lower pec exercises such as the decline bench press.

Mild gynecomastia everywhere?

If you see mild gynecomastia symptoms when looking at celebrities and just other men in general, you’re not alone.

Just yesterday I was watching a famous YouTube channel and this guy had some serious puffy nipples.

About 50% of my focus was on the nips and the other on what he was saying.

He also had a bit of a beer-belly dad-bod thing going on with a tight shirt, but he didn’t a flying fuck.

I also seen pics of Tiger Woods where he looks like he has straight up gyno and others where he doesn’t.

Like I mentioned earlier, mild-gynecomastia & psuedo-gynecomastia can get mistaken for each other all the time.

Practical Advice

Stop looking at the YouTube comments when it comes to mild gynecomastia.

The comments are mostly teenagers who lifted weights for a year (properly? probably not!), are still 15 years old, and concludes that diet & exercise doesn’t work.

If you’re still a teenager, get a proper workout plan, be consistent, focus on upper pecs, lower pecs, or both (See above) cut out junk food & testosterone killing foods.

Remember (teenagers) that you are still growing and don’t pay too much attention if you think you have mild-gynecomastia.

Ask your parents and save money to buy a gynecomastia vest. Don’t wear too tight and thin shirts.

If you’re an adult man, then you will have to get in the gym and just fucking train and eat like a man.

Similar to what I mentioned before, if you’re lower pecs are way more fat compared to the upper pecs, than start doing lower pec training with weights.

Do the simple check with your index and thumb. If your index and thumb touch, than it’s mostly likely all fat tissue instead of glandular tissue.

You might not have had mild-gynecomastia the whole time, just a fat lower pec.

If you truly want to know, then visit your local physician.

Don’t forget to download my free guide on masking mild-gynecomastia for the summer.

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