How to pack your backpack for hiking

how to pack backpack for hiking

Before you go on a trip you are probably having the question “how to pack backpack for hiking”. This is because traveling anywhere, regardless of how short the trip is, can be overwhelming. So, if you were looking for a great guide on how to pack your backpack for hiking and be fully prepared for anything that might come your way, we have a few things you should take into consideration.

Namely, there are a lot of travelers who just throw gear in their backpacks in the last minute before a trip. However, there is a method which can be used to properly pack your bag and to improve the experience of the backpacking.

If you have an organized backpack you will be sure that you don’t have items which are forgotten. Also, you won’t bring unnecessary things which will only add weight. Additionally, an efficiently packed bag will only be beneficial for your stability, convenience, and comfort.

Capacity of your backpack

Before you even start inserting items in your backpack, you must make sure of a different thing. You should make sure that the size of your pack fits the gear you have intentions of bringing. Basically, you should find the line between eliminated unnecessary weight and certain luxuries which add comfort.

If you upgrade to a lighter and newer equipment, you will be able to keep the pack size and weight down.

Additionally, you should remember that you shouldn’t bring a lot of things on shorter trips. However, when you go on a longer trip, you should consider packing clothes and food.

If you feel like you don’t know which would be the perfect size for a backpack for your needs, you should do thorough research on backpack sizes too.

How to pack backpack for hiking: Weight distribution

If you succeed to distribute weight in a specific manner you will surely increase your comfort. Also, your stability and convenience will benefit too.

Instead of the regular stuffing gear inside the bag, here are a few guidelines you can follow:

As we all know, the internal backpacks are now the frame type of standard backpacking. While you are trail hiking with an internal-frame backpack, you should be very careful. Place your heaviest items centered between the shoulder blades. Also, make sure that they are close to your back. If you do this, you are placing the weight on the hips which should hold most of the pack’s weight. When you are off the trail, you should place the items lower on the back. This would lower your center of gravity. Additionally, it will stabilize you better when you are on rough terrain.

Still, people can be seen using external backpacks, even if that is less common than internal frame backpacks. However, they are recommended for those who enjoy trail hiking only. If you have a pack like this, try packing your heaviest items on top and close to the back. This will help you to have an upright stance.

Pack what you really need

If you are a professional and you have gone on these trips thousands of times, you know that there are simply items you never use but still carry with you. Think the situation through and have a firmer stance on what you really need for that hiking trip. Eliminate all things which are unnecessary and add weight to your pack.

how to pack backpack for hiking

On the other hand, if you are inexperienced or an amateur, don’t just pack anything. Ask someone who has more experience than you and they will surely be glad to give you some advice. There is no shame in learning from those who are better at some things.


There are thousands of tips you can follow on how to pack backpack for hiking, and we chose only a few of them. These are the main things that might improve your whole hiking experience. You will be able to enjoy nature more and not complain about the pain in your back or feet too!

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