Easy & Good Rice Cooker Recipes [RICE PUDDING RECIPE TIPS]

Rice Cooker Recipes

A rice cooker is a straightforward device designed to steam or boil rice. You might think that it is no more simple or convenient than using a pan of boiling water, but you may well be surprised at the difference. Rice cooker recipes can be as plain as regular boiled rice, but there’s a lot more you can do as well.

Different types of rice cookers

The first thing that may spring to mind when thinking of rice cookers is likely to be the modern electric version. Electric rice cooker recipes are no different to recipes you might use with an old-style stove-top rice cooker, as the principle is the same. The electric version was developed in the 1950s in Japan, so Japanese rice cooker recipes are quite common. The modern rice cookers are far more advanced than the original models, and come with many different features.
If you don’t have a rice cooker and are wondering how to succeed at cooking rice in a pot, read this article from Business Insider.

The Aroma brand is well-known for manufacturing rice cookers, but Aroma rice cooker recipes should not be confused with aromatic rice cooker recipes, which are completely different. The Aroma cookers incorporate steamers – certain models can cook other food along with the rice with the use of steam. Aroma rice cooker steamer recipes are easy to find, and easy to follow, and are quite similar to standard rice cooker and steamer recipes.

You may also discover slow cooker rice recipes, as a slow cooker is an ideal kitchen appliance for cooking rice. And don’t forget – you can find a rice pudding recipe for all of these devices if you need to eat something sweet!

Different types of rice

When you look around the store, you will notice that the most common type of rice appears to be white. While this may not be the case in nature, you are unlikely to be picking fresh-grown rice, and white rice is very popular in Western society (and the most eaten rice in Asian society and pretty much the whole world. There are many types of white rice, such as long grain, basmati, and jasmine (an aromatic rice with a distinct flavor). As such, a lot of recipes will call for a variety of white rice, but brown rice cooker recipes are also common, as brown rice is considered by some to be healthier than its white counterpart. White rice is often processed and “whitened”, while brown rice can be considered a whole grain. White rice has part of the grain removed (the outer casings). Before you start searching for which rice is healthier read this article from Huffington Post about Japanese society and rice. Also having lived in Korea for most my life, I find it interesting but not surprising that most Koreans obviously eat white rice but also mix in other grains before cooking to make it healthier.

Easy rice cooker recipes

With all the different types of cookers and rice, you might wonder how easy so-called easy rice cooker recipes can be.

Any good rice cooker recipes cookbook will start you off with something so simple, it is almost unbelievable. Simply measure out a quantity of water along with a quantity of rice, put it in the cooker, wait, and there it is – perfectly cooked rice. Of course, this is so simple that you might not even consider it to be a recipe.

This is because automatic rice cooker recipes take account of the fact that the machines do 99% of the work on their own. Your only job as a human is to put the ingredients in the cooker. Obviously, you don’t have to use just rice, as other ingredients will add texture and flavor, and can turn your recipe into a complete meal.

Simply the best rice cooker recipes will guide you step by step through the process of creating a delicious meal. Rice cooker recipes Indian style or vegetarian rice cooker recipes amount to the same thing – follow the instructions and you can’t go wrong. Just make sure to measure everything correctly!

Does size matter?

Rice cookers come in different sizes. You might ask, do small rice cooker recipes exist? Yes, they do – but there is nothing stopping you from using a “standard” size recipe and reducing the quantities if you have a smaller cooker. Japanese rice cooker recipes often start with just a single cup of rice, and you can’t get much smaller than that. This means the opposite is also true – mini rice cooker recipes can be scaled up to be made in larger quantities.

Should you be interested in meal-prepping, small rice cooker recipes can be stored in the freezer once cooked, even if they have been made as a large batch – it’s a simple process to separate the meal into smaller parts. Then, it is just a matter of reheating each individual portion when you want to eat them. However, make sure to cool the rice down quickly. A rice dish, even if it was made using mini rice cooker recipes, will soon go bad if left at room-temperature. The moisture within the food becomes the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, and so swift refrigeration and freezing is paramount.

Is rice vegan?

Rice is definitely vegan – it is a plant based food source. Vegan rice cooker recipes are simple, and often marry well with rice cooker recipes Indian people may make, as the majority of India is vegan or vegetarian. Vegetarian rice cooker recipes may be slightly more abundant, as the requirements for cooking are less strict, but rice is in itself vegan.

Rice Cooker and Steamer Recipes

Rice is a staple food in many countries in the world, including places like India, Japan, and China. It is cheap and simple to produce, and also filling, making it an ideal food for such populous countries. Rice by itself can become boring to eat meal after meal, but fortunately, all those countries have a great variety of vegetation, herbs, and spices. By adding a steamer to the equation, you can lift yourself from what may be just vegan rice cooker recipes up to something truly fantastic. Over 1 billion people can’t be wrong!

Expanding the horizons of automatic rice cooker recipes

With a rice cooker being so-named, you might expect it to primarily cook rice. In many homes this is true, but with a little thought and planning, you can cook a vast range of food. Rice cooker rice recipes may leave you thinking all you do is cook rice and add something to it, but the results can be spectacular.


Jambalaya probably isn’t the first thing you consider making in a rice cooker, but it is a food that is based around rice and liquid. As such, it is ideal for cooking in a rice cooker. A rice cooker recipes cookbook would feel a little empty without a variation on this spicy delight. Other foods that are based around rice and liquid, such as many soups, are also ideal for making in a rice cooker.

Rice Pudding

There’s a rice pudding recipe for your rice cooker, there’s no doubt about it. Sometimes, simply the best rice cooker recipes take you by surprise – it is unlikely you would expect to be able to make Jambalaya and rice pudding with the same equipment!

Other rice cooker dessert recipes

Flavored oatmeal, poached pears, ricotta pancakes. The list of rice cooker dessert recipes is almost endless. You can even make…


A rice cooker cake recipe? Chocolate cake, Japanese cheesecake, apple cake, and more, can be made in a rice cooker. While a rice cooker cake recipe may not be the first thing on your list to try, it certainly shouldn’t be the last. Delicious!


You can quite easily cook pieces of meat in a rice cooker – even more so if you’re following rice cooker steamer recipes, as the steamer section can take care of the meat for you. Aroma rice cooker steamer recipes will often include meat or other foodstuffs to cook in the same device, but separately from the rice. Again, depending on the type of rice cooker you have, Aroma rice cooker recipes can be used with other machines, but occasionally require slight modifications.

Electric rice cooker recipes

As you now know, electric rice cookers are the most common variety of rice cookers available in the world right now. Cookbooks and recipes you will find online will generally provide instructions and rice cooker recipes for making meals in the electric variant, rather than the stove-top variant.

This is useful as it provides a kind of uniformity, as you don’t have to guess what it is you are dealing with. One thing that is important when cooking is that you know you will get a guaranteed result that is good and full of quality. A poor recipe will produce a poor result, and not knowing the equipment will produce a poor result too. There are far too many differences in stove-top rice cookers to guarantee success every time – with an automatic electric device, these problems are minimized.

Rice cooker rice recipes should never be difficult, and should produce consistently good results. The principle of cooking rice is simple, but it can be really difficult to achieve perfection if you use, say, a pan on a stove. There is even more variation in this method than with a stove-top rice cooker, as no two stoves are the same – any professional chef will tell you this. As you are most likely not a professional chef, you might not even notice the difference between two stoves, but those differences are there and need to be accounted for if you are looking to produce a quality meal time after time.

Good rice cooker recipes tend to be clear, and include exact measurements. You must follow the instructions and make careful measurements – they are not just a suggestion. Too much or too little water will produce rice that is undercooked, overcooked, or otherwise unpalatable. While the monetary cost of this may be small, the amount of time you waste may not be as small, and if a recipe disappoints you are unlikely to attempt it again, even if you know the error was on your part.

Brown rice cooker recipes in particular need careful attention, as brown rice can take longer to cook, so the quantity of water and the timing needs to be made a priority. Nothing ruins the eating experience more than crunchy uncooked brown rice.

Using an alternative

Slow cooker rice recipes are related to rice cooker recipes due to the appliances using a similar method of heating. Slow cookers tend to have a larger space in which to cook food, and so it is often the case that the rice used in a slow cooker recipe is not the main feature. For example, a chicken dish may be prepared with rice surrounding it in the slow cooker – the chicken is the main attraction, and the rice is just a sideshow. However, the simplicity of cooking a meal in this way – everything placed in one pot and just left to cook – should not be underestimated. In this busy world every second saved is a bonus, so putting everything in one pot and leaving it means you don’t have to stand over it, stir it, check it, or anything else. You just need to wait until it is ready and then eat it.

Cleaning up? No problem. It was all cooked in one pot, so you only have one pot to clean.  Slow cooker and rice cooker recipes are full of this kind of simplicity, and will often produce a more satisfying meal than if you had used many more pots, pans, and utensils.

Finding great rice cooker recipes

Once you know what kind of food you want to eat, it is a simple task to find a recipe that will suit you. Experimentation is always worthwhile – changing a few spices here, trying a different type of rice there – but for your first few attempts, don’t stray from the recipe at all. You need to know what the baseline food tastes like before you begin to change everything up.

Because using a rice cooker is so simple, you’ll soon get the idea, and will become a successful cook in your own right. The recipes will always be there to guide you, so use them to your advantage, but don’t ever be afraid to try something new – as long as you know what it should be like to start with!

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