The 101 On Insulin Pumps

Insulin Pump Information

“Insulin pumps are small, high-tech electronic devices which can make life with type 1 diabetes more flexible. In recent years, the use of insulin pumps by people with type 1 diabetes in Australia has become increasingly popular.” (From I’m Considering an Insulin Pump information booklet)

An insulin pump is a small battery operated electronic device about the size of a pager.  It continuously delivers insulin under the skin through a needle that stays in place for up to three days.

Pumps are worn 24 hours a day, but can be detached as necessary for swimming, showering and other activities.

You may consider an insulin pump if you want:

  • To improve blood glucose fluctuations
  • To have more flexibility
  • A better quality of life
  • Are planning a pregnancy


We have written a comprehensive introduction to insulin pump therapy.

Topics include

  • How does a pump work?
  • Costs
  • Challenges
  • Pros and cons
  • Wearing the pumps
  • Steps to getting a pump


Insulin Pump Information sessions

Insulin Pump Expos are held throughout the year. For people considering an insulin pump, these events will provide you with basic pump information and give you the opportunity to ask health professionals questions about pump therapy. You will also meet people already using a pump and can ask them about day-to-day life when wearing a pump.

Those already using a pump can attend out ‘Advanced Pumping’ session.

Pump companies hold trade displays so you can see the latest and greatest in pump technology.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems

The latest breakthrough in diabetes management is continuous glucose monitoring.  A glucose sensor is worn under the skin (independent to the pump) and communicates with the pump or a separate device to alert the wearer to trends in blood glucose levels.  At this stage, the pump user must still manually adjust insulin doses via the pump.  Normal finger prick testing is still required.  Further information about Continuous Glucose Monitoring can be found at Metronic.

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