Top 10 Pools You Have To Add To Your Bucket List

Need a break from the hot and icky weather? If you decide to travel, why not stay at a hotel with a nice pool. What’s popular now is infinity pools because they’re really cool, make for good Instagram selfies, and super relaxing, especially if you get a private one. Sit back, throw some food on the grill, drink wine in the pool, and feel refreshed. Warning: swimming too vigorously in these infinity pools will make you super tired. I’m speaking from experience as I slept pretty much the rest of the vacation. So check out some of these beautiful and amazing pools and if you can’t go now, add them to your bucket list!

Private Balcony Pools at Dana Villas in Santorini, Greece

At each suite, there is a cliff-side infinity pool where you have a big open view of the volcanic caldera.

See-Through Pools at Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas

A part of the pool hangs 500 feet over the edge of the building!

The Transparent Lazy River at Grand Resort Dec, Macau

It is the longest rooftop lazy river in the world. You basically can swim in what looks like a long see through tube or pipe.

Glass-bottom cliff pool at The Edge Bali

It hangs 500 feet above the Indian Ocean!

91-foot aquarium pool at Villa on the Rocks in Bandol, France

It is a four story Airbnb and you can see the lower level of the pool as it’s transparent on the lower level. Jump off the roof and into the pool anytime you like!

The glass cube pool at Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

Apparently the co-founder of Red Bull owns the private island where the pool is. The glass cube pool is basically a see through glass pool inside another big pool!

Pool below your bed at KC Resort & Over Water Villas in Koh Samui, Thailand

There’s glass windows on the floors of the rooms so you can see the infinity pool that reaches under your room and whoever is swimming.

Two-tiered pool at the Hanging Gardens of Bali

The top pool is an infinity pool that allows you to see high above the Balinese rainforest.

Floating brunch at AYANA Resort & Spa in Bali

You can have your breakfast served in your own private pool, looking over the Indian Ocean. You can have your breakfast floated to you in a basket across the pool.

Magnificent pool at Hotel Villa Honegg in Ennetburgen, Switzerland

A beautiful and relaxing heated pool that sits 3,000 feet on top of Lake Lucerne.

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