Top 10 Things To Do in Cambodia

The Temples

When you get to Siem Reap, you have to go see the temples. In Cambodia everyone will know you’re a tourist and will try to sell you stuff. At around sun-rise, get a tuk-tuk driver and go visit the temples. You’re probably going to be temple hopping all day. There’s at least three that you must see and after that it gets a little repetitive.


So one of the really cool things to do in Cambodia is to shoot guns. Not just any guns, but machine guns and even rocket launchers. Yes, we’re not joking. You pay around $250 and you can shoot a rocket launcher. Or shoot machine guns at explosive barrels and watch real explosions. Perfect stress reliever?


Sihanoukville is a city filled with locals and some tourist who never left. Every day is sunshine and beauty and every night is a thunder storm. Another place to visit here is Serendipity beach which is a large beach where you can go jet skiing for about $20 an hour.

The Killing Fields

If you want some more Cambodian history, visit the Killing Fields, where the genocide happened. Skulls and bones are pretty much found everywhere. Not for everyone.

Pub Street

Here you can taste the local cuisine such as a platter of animals, where you can eat raw beef, prawns, frog legs, snake, scorpion and alligator, all on one platter for around $8. While grilling, the animal’s juices fall into another boiling stew that you can enjoy after.


If you drink alcohol, you won’t be disappointed. You have a variety of cheap alcohol available and even unique local liquor containing snakes inside. Why not tick that off your bucket list?

Exfoliate That Dead Skin – The Natural Way

You might come across giant tanks of fish. You can pay to put your feet inside and the fish will eat your dead skin. Feel free to dip in more than your feet.

Tuk Tuk Drag Racing

Tuk tuks are the way to get around in Cambodia. If you get a driver with a need for speed, you might end up in an exhilarating drag race between other tuk-tuks. Luckily there are handles you can hold so you don’t fall out.

Volunteer at Local Schools

If you want you can stop by the local schools in Savin and pay to teach English or just play with the kids. It always feels good to contribute.

Rent a Motorcycle

Motorcycles are everywhere in Cambodia. You can rent a dirt bike for about $4 a day and have some money on the side in case any damages happen to the bike. Also, do not give them your passport!

Beware of Drugs

Everywhere you go, you will be asked by locals to buy drugs, usually kids. The weird thing is, sometimes they will do it in front of police. It won’t be called drugs but something like ‘special pizza’. Be aware and don’t do drugs!

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