21 Low-Budget Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For Your Husband

valentines day ideas for husband

Valentines Day Ideas For Husband

You don’t have to spend a lot or purchase expensive items to show how much you love your husband. Husbands usually don’t expect anything fancy or extravagant but this is also an opportunity to surprise them. Here’s some great Valentine ’s Day ideas for your husband without breaking the bank!

Here’s some low budget ideas to romance your husband and have a fun Valentine’s Day!

  1. Go out to eat somewhere inexpensive or order one of your husband’s favorite foods. Make sure it’s something you both enjoy.
  2. Cook one of your husband’s favorite foods and surprise them. Don’t they say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?
  3. Send your husband a sexy e-mail or text.
  4. Mail a love letter to your husband while he’s at work.
  5. Leave cute notes in the entrance of your house for him to see & then all over the house. They don’t have to be fancy or bombarded with stickers. Simple sticky notes with heartfelt messages will make him feel like a million dollars and increase his mood vastly.
  6. Buy all kinds of chocolate and mix them. Fill little plastic bags with the assorted chocolates and stuff into a nice box, tying each one with a ribbon. Leave a love letter on the box too. No need to complicate things, just find a right time to give it to him. He should feel super good. Go to a stationary store or section to find cute bags and boxes.
  7. If you have a fire place then you can have a warm evening snuggling with your husband sipping on champagne or wine. Or bonfire and Valentine’s Day smores can be fun as well.
  8. Share a bottle of cheap champagne along with some cheese and crackers and watch a romantic movie. We prefer horror movies 🙂
  9. Buy some super sexy lingerie and wear it when your husband comes home or later in the night. Even if your husband has had the worst day, he will completely forget about it once he sees you trying to seduce him.
  10. When you write messages or notes, always include “Thank you”. All men love to hear those words from their spouse.
  11. Celebrate Valentine’s Day the day after when everything is 50% off.
  12. If you have some technical skills, make a small video with some good background music and include all the pictures you guys have taken together (including the goofy ones) and play it for your husband when the mood is right.
  13. Flowers too expensive? The morning after V-Day, go to your local grocery store and you will probably see super cheap deals on fresh flowers.
  14. Do some chores or tasks that your husband usually “tackles” when they get home. Insist that he doesn’t have to.
  15. Take a drive around town or somewhere new. Stop by a drive-thru Starbucks and get your favorite drinks.
  16. Give your husband a massage!
  17. Offer to shave each other’s legs, faces, or the private areas. It may sound weird but it can be very intimate.
  18. If it’s a weekend Valentine’s, get up early and do some chores that your husband might do. If its car related think about getting his oil changed and brakes checked.
  19. If it’s a weekend Valentine’s Day, maybe you and your husband are introverts. Stay in the house all day, and do breakfast in bed for your husband.
  20. Get out the whipping cream, ice cubes, and try that trick you learned when you were in college. I think you know what I’m talking about.
  21. Go to a park or playground. Go down the slide and push each other on the swings. Sounds weird but this could be a fun moment for both of you guys.

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