Best Vegan Brownie Recipes You’ll Ever Try

So most people love brownies, but what happens if you’re vegan and craving a more vegetarian alternative without eggs? Or what if  you need an excuse to eat more brownies? You come to this page and try at least one of these brownie recipes from very smart food blogger people. Here are 3 recipes and these are not ranked in any order by the way!

  1. Raw Vegan Unbaked Brownies

These unbaked brownies can be raw, eggless, gluten free, soy free, dairy free and vegan. These taste as delicious as they look. If you’re crazy enough to have leftovers, you can leave them in the fridge for a few weeks or freeze them for up to 2 months. This is from Katie’s cookbook and you can find the recipe here.

2. No-Flour Vegan Black Bean Brownies

This is another winner from Katie, and it’s vegan brownies using black beans. Many recipes found online with the words “black bean” and “brownie” together, usually leaves people disappointed and never to try healthy alternative brownies instead. These will definitely impress you! So try this recipe out by visiting Katie’s page.

3. Best Vegan Brownies

Okay so the title that Demeter gave these brownies was ‘Best Vegan Brownies’ on her site BeamingBaker, and she might be right. Even her loyal followers said they are “life changing”. If you are craving brownies, and you like them flaky on top, super moist and fudgy, then stop here and get the recipe here at BeamingBaker.

So that’s it for the good stuff. Try to make one of these babies out, and enjoy your moment of happiness.

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