6 Amazing Vegetarian Recipes That Will Change the Way You Think About Chili

1.      Vegetarian White Chili

This chili is completely plant based, gluten free, and made with vegan cream cheese. If you are a chili lover, you will also like the vegetarian version. Always a hit if you share it and less of a hassle to cook. In place of meat, this recipe uses a variety of beans and more vegetables. Made of white beans, cheese, chicken and cream, the white chili recipe surprisingly packs a lot of flavor. Check the recipe out here.

2.      Vegetarian Cincinnati Chili

This Vegetarian Cincinnati Chili is packed with protein, 100% vegan, and no trace of gluten! This food isn’t just good for the soul. This finger licking vegetarian recipe is something you will want to eat every day. You will want to share it with other people too. You can serve this chili over pasta, on a pita, or in a wrap as well! Check it out here.

3.      Easy Vegetarian White Bean Chili

Here is another variation of White Bean Chili but this time with chicken, and green chilies, if you’re not totally onboard with veganism. You can leave out the chicken entirely and it will still taste great. This recipe is great for those busy week nights, where you want to make a low maintenance and hearty meal. Check the recipe out here.

4.      Black-Eyed Peas & Kale Chili

This vegetarian version of the classic chili with kale is hearty and nutritious. You get a variety of spices, garlic, and onion that gives the chili a fantastic flavor. The kale also adds a great texture. The recipe serves 4 with a cook time of 40 minutes. Only 173 calories and gluten-free! Check the recipe out here.

5.      Slow Cooker Smoky Vegetarian Chili With Walnuts

Throw everything in the slow cooker and come back home to a healthy and nutritious vegetarian meal full of fiber and protein. According to the author at hummusapien.com, this recipe was made for the sole reason of not wanting to sauté an onion, and standing over a pot. A more lazy yet genius recipe was born. This recipe is smoky, has meaty mushrooms, walnuts, and fabulous spices. Read more here.

6.      Vegetarian Chili and Fried Egg & More Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas

Learn how to make a vegetarian chili that goes great with fried eggs and toast! Also see some more vegetarian breakfast ideas at topinspired.com



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