Why Do People Love To Travel So Much?

Many people have wanderlust, a need to travel. Traveling is one of the biggest industries in the world. Many people love traveling, but don’t know the reason why.

They say “it’s fun,” or “I love seeing new places.” But there is a more basic reason that us modern humans love traveling.

One of the biggest reasons is because traveling gets you to start de-conditioning. You go to a new place and see a different way of eating, commuting, socializing, working, and relaxing than what you are accustomed to. You feel a distance from your paternal wants, needs, and desires. Even feeling apart from your religion or morals. You now believe that these things are not carved in stone, but a matter of perspective, which changes with what part of the world you in. The new knowledge you obtain every time you travel creates a feeling of renewal.

If we want to go deeper than this. Seeing the environments of how other people live or nature operates, gives you a different definition of who you are, and that definition is no longer being held as tightly. You are taken out of your bubble or your own story, and just become a witness to what you are experiencing. You could also say you are standing outside of yourself. In Latin, there is a word for this feeling. The combination of ex (external, outside) and statis (standing) becomes the original Latin word, which is now known as, “ecstasy.”

Going even deeper: the new and different environment is shocking to the subconscious. Your brain becomes stimulated to alert itself of any threats, by averting all resources to your brain. When will the flight leave? Which gate do I go? Is everything packed? What bus should I get on? Should I ask that person? How are we going to find our way back to the hotel? Which button turns on the TV? Every small and big decision you make is using the stimuli you’re 5 senses are absorbing. You become much more focused and you start “downloading” a lot more information. Boredom is gone and your body and mind are much more in tune to each other..

1.       Decondition your “self.”

2.       Live as a witness.

3.       Unify the mind and body as one.

These are at heart, the same teachings of Buddah, meditation, or yoga and may explain the core reason as to why people love to travel so much.

What’s your reason?

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